Photos of KMW SP20

Mainz-Finthen [SRP+1.6]Martini Internationales HMSC-Flugplatz-Rennen Mainz-Finthen18.6.1972
1010 - KMW SP20 Porsche - Reifag Racing Team e.V. im ADAC DarmstadtKMW SP20 # - Porsche N/ASRP+2.0
Reifag Racing Team e.V. im ADAC Darmstadt (D)Open bodywork
Driven by: Kurt Hild (D)Result: 3rd
Colours: pink (+light green)
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 02/07/2014Photo by courtesy of: Karl Janda
Interserie NürburgringInt. AvD-Rheinland-Pfalz-Preis Nürburgring24.9.1972
4242 - KMW - Porsche - Kurt HildKMW SP20 # - Porsche 911S F6 2600 cc N/AINT
Kurt Hild (D)Open bodywork
Driven by: Kurt Hild (D)Result: 8th - Heat 1: 11th ; Heat 2: 7th
Grid: 23rd (9:32.700) - 24th fastest qualifier
Colours: red
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 16/03/2014Photo by courtesy of: Thomas Wernig
Can-Am Riverside16th Annual Los Angeles Times Grand Prix And International Race of Champions28.10.1973
2020 - KMW SP20 Porsche - Muller Motors Corp.KMW SP20 # - Porsche 911 F6 2600 cc N/A
Muller Motors Corp. (D)Open bodywork
Driven by: Earl
listed, never drove:
Hans Müller-Perschl (D)
Result: did not start
Grid: (1:24.800) - 27th fastest qualifier
Colours: blue
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 28/05/2005Photo by courtesy of: Jonathan Tuttelman
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