Photos of McLaren M18

Victory RaceRothmans World Championship Victory Race24.10.1971
2121 - McLaren M18 Chevrolet #500-01 (Trojan) - Sid Taylor Team CastrolMcLaren M18 #500-01 (Trojan) - Chevrolet /Smith V8 5000 cc N/AF5000
Sid Taylor Team Castrol (GB)Open wheel car
Driven by: Reine Wisell (S)
listed, never drove:
Brian Redman (GB)
Result: did not finish (Hit by Pescarolo)
Grid: 18th (1:27.000)
Colours: orange
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 11/05/2014Photo by courtesy of: John Crick
Race of ChampionsSTP Daily Mail Race of Champions19.3.1972
3333 - McLaren M18/22 Chevrolet #500-01 (Trojan) - Racing Team VDSMcLaren M18/22 #500-01 (Trojan) - Chevrolet V8 5000 cc N/A
Racing Team VDSOpen wheel car
Driven by: Teddy Pilette (B)Result: 13th
Grid: 19th (1:29.900)
Colours: red (+blue/white)
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 24/05/2014Photo by courtesy of: John Crick
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