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All Results of Audi R8 LMS

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Year: 2008

25.5.200824 h Nürburgring41Düchting / Saurma / Rostek / Hegerraced

Year: 2009

18.3.2009FIA GT BoP Test Paul Ricard24Gounon / BielaTeam Rosbergraced
7.4.2009FIA GT Test Paul Ricard27Phoenix Racingraced
13.4.2009ADAC GT Oschersleben6 #AS42A0FGT309 0104Abt / WilliamsAbt Sportsline7th/DNF
13.4.2009ADAC GT Oschersleben14 #AS42A0FGT309 0108Moser / OutzenPhoenix Racing4th/5th
13.4.2009ADAC GT Oschersleben15 #AS42A0FGT309 0107Yamamoto / MayerTeam Rosberg12th/14th
13.4.2009ADAC GT Oschersleben16 #AS42A0FGT309 0102Campanico / ArmindoTeam Rosberg6th/6th
26.4.2009Belcar Zolder Kick Off9 #AS42A0FGT309 0103Hemroulle / VerbergtPhoenix Belgian Audi Club6th/4th
3.5.2009FIA GT3 Silverstone26Haase / MiesPhoenix Racing27th/2nd
3.5.2009FIA GT3 Silverstone27La Marca / DelétrazPhoenix Racing10th/26th
3.5.2009FIA GT3 Silverstone32Campanico / ArmindoTeam Rosberg3rd/3rd
3.5.2009FIA GT3 Silverstone33Matzke / NavrátilTeam Rosberg19th/13th
10.5.2009ADAC GT Assen6 #AS42A0FGT309 0104Abt / SeyffarthAbt Sportsline1st/1st
10.5.2009SRO Series Spa9 #AS42A0FGT309 0103Hemroulle / VerbergtPhoenix Racing1st/2nd
10.5.2009ADAC GT Assen14 #AS42A0FGT309 0108Moser / OutzenPhoenix Racing4th/3rd
10.5.2009ADAC GT Assen15 #AS42A0FGT309 0107Yamamoto / MayerTeam Rosberg9th/DNF
10.5.2009ADAC GT Assen16 #AS42A0FGT309 0102Campanico / ArmindoTeam Rosberg2nd/DNF
10.5.2009FFSA GT Dijon68 #AS42A0FGT309 0106Biela / LebonTeam Oreca8th/12th
17.5.2009FIA GT3 Adria26Haase / MiesPhoenix Racing9th/23rd
17.5.2009FIA GT3 Adria27La Marca / DelétrazPhoenix Racing11th/12th
17.5.2009FIA GT3 Adria32Campanico / ArmindoTeam RosbergDNS
17.5.2009FIA GT3 Adria33Matzke / NavrátilTeam RosbergDNF/18th
24.5.200924 h Nürburgring97Kaffer / Abt / Hemroulle / LuhrTeam Abt Sportsline2nd
24.5.200924 h Nürburgring98Stuck / Fässler / Pirro / BielaPhoenix Racing12th
24.5.200924 h Nürburgring99Stippler / Basseng / Fässler / RockenfellerPhoenix Racing5th
24.5.200924 h Nürburgring100Scheider / Werner / Ekström / LuhrTeam Abt Sportsline23rd
31.5.2009Italian GT Vallelunga58 #AS42A0FGT309 0101Capello / SannaAudi Sport Italia12th/2nd
31.5.2009FFSA GT Magny-Cours68 #AS42A0FGT309 0106Ortelli / LebonTeam Audi7th/10th
6.6.2009Belcar Spa 12 Hours9 #AS42A0FGT309 0103Hemroulle / VerbergtPhoenix Belgian Audi Club1st/3rd
7.6.2009ADAC GT Hockenheim4 #AS42A0FGT309 0105Kechele / GiermaziakArgo Racing4th/4th
7.6.2009ADAC GT Hockenheim6 #AS42A0FGT309 0104Abt / SeyffarthAbt Sportsline2nd/1st
7.6.2009ADAC GT Hockenheim14 #AS42A0FGT309 0108Moser / OutzenPhoenix Racing17th/5th
7.6.2009ADAC GT Hockenheim15 #AS42A0FGT309 0107Yamamoto / MayerTeam Rosberg8th/DNF
7.6.2009ADAC GT Hockenheim16 #AS42A0FGT309 0102Campanico / ArmindoTeam Rosberg1st/2nd
7.6.2009Italian GT Magione58 #AS42A0FGT309 0101Capello / SannaAudi Sport Italia14th/9th
21.6.2009FIA GT3 Oschersleben26Mies / HaasePhoenix Racing2nd/6th
21.6.2009FIA GT3 Oschersleben27La Marca / DelétrazPhoenix Racing20th/19th
21.6.2009FIA GT3 Oschersleben32Campanico / ArmindoTeam Rosberg4th/2nd
21.6.2009FIA GT3 Oschersleben33Matzke / NavrátilTeam Rosberg14th/10th
21.6.2009Italian GT Mugello I58 #AS42A0FGT309 0101Capello / SannaAudi Sport Italia10th/4th
5.7.2009ADAC GT Lausitzring4 #AS42A0FGT309 0105Kechele / GiermaziakArgo RacingDNS
5.7.2009ADAC GT Lausitzring6 #AS42A0FGT309 0104Abt / SeyffarthAbt Sportsline2nd/10th
5.7.2009ADAC GT Lausitzring7 #AS42A0FGT309 0112Terting / WilliamsAbt Sportsline9th/13th
5.7.2009ADAC GT Lausitzring12 #AS42A0FGT309 0103Haase / MoserPhoenix Racing1st/7th
5.7.2009ADAC GT Lausitzring14 #AS42A0FGT309 0108Mies / OutzenPhoenix Racing3rd/5th
5.7.2009ADAC GT Lausitzring15 #AS42A0FGT309 0107Yamamoto / MayerTeam RosbergDNF/14th
5.7.2009ADAC GT Lausitzring16 #AS42A0FGT309 0102Campanico / ArmindoTeam Rosberg11th/4th
5.7.2009FFSA GT Val de Vienne68 #AS42A0FGT309 0106Ortelli / HallydayTeam Audi16th/DNF
11.7.2009Belcar Spa VW Cup9 #AS42A0FGT309 0103Hemroulle / VerbergtPhoenix Racing1st/DNF
19.7.2009Italian GT Misano58 #AS42A0FGT309 0101Sanna / CapelloAudi Sport Italia9th/DNF
26.7.200924 h Spa111 #AS42A0FGT309 0111Moser / Fässler / Margaritis / BassengPhoenix Racing3rd
23.8.2009ADAC GT Nürburgring4 #AS42A0FGT309 0105Kechele / GiermaziakArgo Racing3rd/21st
23.8.2009ADAC GT Nürburgring6 #AS42A0FGT309 0104Abt / SeyffarthAbt SportslineDNF/2nd
23.8.2009ADAC GT Nürburgring7 #AS42A0FGT309 0112Gruber / TertingAbt Sportsline8th/7th
23.8.2009ADAC GT Nürburgring12 #AS42A0FGT309 0103Haase / MoserPhoenix Racing6th/6th
23.8.2009ADAC GT Nürburgring14 #AS42A0FGT309 0108Mies / OutzenPhoenix RacingDNF/9th
23.8.2009ADAC GT Nürburgring15 #AS42A0FGT309 0107Yamamoto / BinderTeam Rosberg18th/18th
23.8.2009ADAC GT Nürburgring16 #AS42A0FGT309 0102Campanico / ArmindoTeam Rosberg7th/5th
6.9.2009Italian GT Imola58 #AS42A0FGT309 0101Capello / SannaAudi Sport Italia10th/10th
6.9.2009FFSA GT Albi68 #AS42A0FGT309 0106Ortelli / LebonTeam Oreca15th/DNF
13.9.2009FIA GT3 Algarve26Haase / MiesPhoenix Racing1st/1st
13.9.2009FIA GT3 Algarve27La Marca / DelétrazPhoenix Racing7th/7th
13.9.2009FIA GT3 Algarve32Campanico / ArmindoTeam Rosberg5th/DNF
13.9.2009FIA GT3 Algarve33Navrátil / MayerTeam RosbergDNF/DNF
20.9.2009ADAC GT Sachsenring4 #AS42A0FGT309 0105Kechele / VerbergtArgo Racing10th/DQ
20.9.2009ADAC GT Sachsenring6 #AS42A0FGT309 0104Abt / MiesAbt Sportsline3rd/2nd
20.9.2009ADAC GT Sachsenring7 #AS42A0FGT309 0112Gruber / TertingAbt Sportsline7th/DNF
20.9.2009ADAC GT Sachsenring14 #AS42A0FGT309 0108Haase / MoserPhoenix Racing1st/1st
20.9.2009ADAC GT Sachsenring15 #AS42A0FGT309 0107Bonifácio / YamamotoTeam RosbergDNF/DNS
20.9.2009ADAC GT Sachsenring16 #AS42A0FGT309 0102Campanico / ArmindoTeam Rosberg5th/DNF
27.9.2009Italian GT Mugello II58 #AS42A0FGT309 0101Sanna / AlbuquerqueAudi Sport ItaliaDNF/9th
4.10.2009FIA GT3 Paul Ricard26Mies / HaasePhoenix Racing8th/DNS
4.10.2009FIA GT3 Paul Ricard27La Marca / DelétrazPhoenix Racing17th/8th
4.10.2009FIA GT3 Paul Ricard32Campanico / ArmindoTeam RosbergDNS/2nd
4.10.2009FIA GT3 Paul Ricard33Bonifácio / NavrátilTeam Rosberg28th/7th
4.10.2009FFSA GT Paul Ricard68 #AS42A0FGT309 0106Ortelli / HallydayTeam Oreca7th/7th
18.10.2009ADAC GT Oschersleben4 #AS42A0FGT309 0105Kechele / GiermaziakArgo Racing3rd/6th
18.10.2009ADAC GT Oschersleben6 #AS42A0FGT309 0104Abt / SeyffarthAbt Sportsline4th/7th
18.10.2009ADAC GT Oschersleben7 #AS42A0FGT309 0112Gruber / TertingAbt Sportsline5th/10th
18.10.2009ADAC GT Oschersleben14 #AS42A0FGT309 0108Haase / MoserPhoenix Racing9th/9th
18.10.2009ADAC GT Oschersleben15 #AS42A0FGT309 0107Bonifácio / YamamotoTeam Rosberg14th/12th
18.10.2009ADAC GT Oschersleben16 #AS42A0FGT309 0102Campanico / ArmindoTeam Rosberg10th/4th
18.10.2009Italian GT Monza58 #AS42A0FGT309 0101Capello / AlbuquerqueAudi Sport Italia3rd/3rd
18.10.2009FFSA GT Lédenon68 #AS42A0FGT309 0106Ortelli / LebonTeam Oreca10th/8th
25.10.2009Belcar Zolder FIA GT09 #AS42A0FGT309 0111Hemroulle / VerbergtPhoenix Belgian Audi Club2nd/2nd
25.10.2009FIA GT3 Zolder26 #AS42A0FGT309 0108Haase / MiesPhoenix Racing1st/4th
25.10.2009FIA GT3 Zolder32 #AS42A0FGT309 0102Campanico / ArmindoTeam Rosberg4th/8th
25.10.2009FIA GT3 Zolder33Bonifácio / NavrátilTeam Rosberg18th/DNF
1.11.2009GT Open Barcelona85Delétraz / PicciniPhoenix Racing12th/5th
22.11.2009Winter Paul Ricard I37Goodwin / HummelAudi Team OrecaDNA
6.12.2009Winter Paul Ricard II37Goodwin / HummelAudi Team Oreca13th/9th/7th

Year: 2010

24.1.2010Winter Paul Ricard III39Goodwin / HummelAudi Team Oreca12th/7th/7th
14.3.2010Australian GT Adelaide8Mark EddyPenfolds AudiDNF/16th/12th
28.3.2010Australian GT Albert Park8Mark EddyPenfolds Audi8th/NC/7th
5.4.2010British GT Oulton Park22Guasch / PattersonUnited Autosports8th/5th
5.4.2010British GT Oulton Park23Brown / DeanUnited Autosports4th/4th
5.4.2010FFSA GT Nogaro25 #AS42A0FGT310 0277Ortelli / HallydayOreca Audi France7th/8th
5.4.2010FFSA GT Nogaro26Hernandez / AyariOreca Audi FranceDNF/DNF
5.4.2010FFSA GT Nogaro27Mollekens / TuchbantWRT12th/12th
5.4.2010FFSA GT Nogaro37Franchi / LémeretWRT6th/11th
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