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Year: 1972

6.8.1972Dutch Zandvoort22 #CH-DBE-54Henk BosmanTeam 4711 'Sir Irish Moss'2nd
6.8.1972Interserie Norisring56Peter GrohMotorsport-Club StuttgartDNQ
13.8.1972Wunstorf [S2.0] #CH-DBE-78Keith GrantDNA
13.8.1972Wunstorf [S2.0] #CH-DBE-51?Ian HarrowerDNA
3.9.1972500 km Nürburgring9 #CH-DBE-51?Ian HarrowerIan Harrower20th
3.9.1972500 km Nürburgring10 #CH-DBE-78Keith GrantKeith GrantDNA
3.9.1972500 km Nürburgring27 #CH-DBE-78?Chris ApplebyGoodwin Racing ServicesDNA
3.9.1972500 km Nürburgring31 #CH-DBE-54Henk BosmanTeam 4711 "Irish Moss"DNF
17.9.1972Coupes de Paris2"Peter Rand"DNA
17.9.1972Coupes de Paris4Jacques BretonDNA
24.9.1972MN GT Thruxton131Roger AndreasonRoger Andreason8th
24.9.1972Interserie NürburgringPeter GrohPeter GröhDNF
1.10.1972Interserie Hockenheim56Peter GrohPeter Groh22nd
7.10.1972Dutch Zandvoort22 #CH-DBE-54Henk BosmanTeam 4711 'Sir Irish Moss'1st
7.10.1972Dutch Zandvoort23Kees KwinkelenbergKwinkelenberg Transport en Verhuisonderneming N.V.3rd
7.10.1972Dutch Zandvoort25Gerard SchuitenGerard Schuiten?th
8.10.1972Zandvoort [Sports]22 #CH-DBE-54Henk BosmanTeam 4711 'Sir Irish Moss'1st
8.10.1972Zandvoort [Sports]23Kees KwinkelenbergKwinkelenberg Transport en Verhuisonderneming N.V.4th
8.10.1972Zandvoort [Sports]25Gerard SchuitenGerard Schuiten3rd
8.10.1972MN GT Mallory Park175Roger AndreasonRoger Andreason3rd
4.11.19729 h Kyalami15Harrower / Thomas / ConchieI. Harrower13th
4.11.19729 h Kyalami16Rowe / TuckettJack Holmeraced
18.11.19723 h Cape Town10 #DBE-62Scheepers / Wicks10th
18.11.19723 h Cape Town11Thomas / Harrower7th
26.11.19723 h Lourenço Marques10 #DBE-62Scheepers / Wicks6th
26.11.19723 h Lourenço Marques11Harrower / Thomasraced
2.12.19723 h Goldfields10 #DBE-62Scheepers / Wicks6th
2.12.19723 h Goldfields11Harrower / Thomas5th
17.12.19723 h Roy Hesketh10 #DBE-62Scheepers / Wicksraced
17.12.19723 h Roy Hesketh11Harrower / Conchie9th
17.12.19723 h Roy HeskethJack Holmeraced

Year: 1973

18.3.1973National Montlhéry [Gr.5/Gr.7]12Jacques Breton1st
1.4.1973Interserie Nürburgring33Peter GrohPeter Groh20th
8.4.1973Australian SCC AdelaideRay StrongMcLean-Strong Auto Clinic3rd
21.4.1973500 km Roy Hesketh4 #DBE-62Wicks / ScheepersSportune MotorsDNA
1.5.1973National Magny-Cours [Sports]Breton2nd
20.5.1973La Châtre [S]102Jacques BretonBreton3rd
8.7.1973Australian SCC SandownRay StrongMcLean-Strong Auto Clinic4th
12.8.1973Australian SCC Wanneroo Park8Ray StrongMcLean-Strong Auto Clinic5th
23.9.1973Coupes de l'AGACI14Jacques BretonJacques BretonDNA
30.9.1973NTK Zandvoort22Kees Kwinkelenberg?th
30.9.1973NTK Zandvoort24Gerard Schuiten?th
7.10.1973MN GT Oulton Park90Tony SpashettTony SpashettDNA
14.10.1973NTK Zandvoort22Kees Kwinkelenberg?th
3.11.19739 h Kyalami21 #DBE-62Wicks / de GrootTeam SportuneDNF
8.12.1973Australian SCC Oran ParkRay StrongMcLean-Strong Auto Clinic2nd

Year: 1974

12.5.1974GP Paris5Jean-Claude DesmartinJean-Claude Desmartinraced
2.6.1974SM DijonJean-Pierre PochonDNF
30.6.1974SM CasaleJean-Pierre PochonDNF
22.9.1974Coupes de l'AGACI3Jean-Claude DesmartinJean-Claude DesmartinDNA
6.10.1974Coupe du Salon18Jean-Claude DesmartinDNA
3.11.1974US Champions Road Atlanta [ASR+BSR]58Harry StephensonCollege Road StandardDNA

Year: 1975

16.3.1975National Montlhéry [Gr.4/Gr.5/Gr.7]4Jean-Claude DesmartinDNA

Year: 1976

14.3.1976National Montlhéry [Gr.3/Gr.5/Gr.6]11Jean-Claude Desmartin3rd

Year: 1983

4.4.1983Thundersports Brands Hatch11Eisner / StanleyApollo Race & Rally Wear Ltd.DNA
25.9.1983Thundersports Brands Hatch57Aylett / BryantCores Lion Developments Ltd.raced
25.9.1983Thundersports Brands Hatch80Dodkins / VillageNational Breakdownraced

Year: 1984

20.4.1984Thundersports Oulton Park55Prater / FosterDon PraterDNF
23.4.1984Thundersports Brands Hatch55Prater / FosterDon PraterDNA
28.5.1984Thundersports Brands HatchPrater / FosterDon Prater12th
17.6.1984Thundersports Donington ParkFlux / Eisnerraced
22.7.1984Thundersports Brands Hatch55Flux / PraterD. PraterDNQ
27.8.1984Thundersports Brands HatchFlux / PraterDon Prater13th

Year: 1986

14.9.1986Thundersports Brands HatchMarler / HadfieldMarler Explosystems11th
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