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All Results of Ford Mustang (page 4)

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Year: 1968

25.2.1968SCCA Regional Las Vegas [AP+BP+CP+AS]2Dick RichardsMidway FordDNA
25.2.1968SCCA Regional Las Vegas [AP+BP+CP+AS]4Don PeckDon PeckDNA
25.2.1968SCCA Regional Las Vegas [AP+BP+CP+AS]9Ray WolffRay's Hi-PerformanceDNA
25.2.1968SCCA Regional Las Vegas [AP+BP+CP+AS]63Fred SutherlandFred SutherlandDNA
9.3.1968SCCA Regional Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+AS]2Dick RichardsMidway FordDNA
9.3.1968SCCA Regional Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+AS]3Bob JamesCutter Ford Sales, Inc.DNA
9.3.1968SCCA Regional Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+AS]4Don PeckDon PeckDNA
9.3.1968SCCA Regional Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+AS]9Ray WolffRays Hi PerformanceDNA
9.3.1968SCCA Regional Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+AS]10Bruce FrambesBruce FrambesDNA
9.3.1968SCCA Regional Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+AS]63Fred SutherlandFred SutherlandDNA
9.3.1968SCCA Regional Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+AS]77Pete CordtsPeter CordtsDNA
10.3.1968SCCA National Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+AS]2Dick RichardsMidway FordDNA
10.3.1968SCCA National Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+AS]3Bob JamesCutter Ford Sales, Inc.DNA
10.3.1968SCCA National Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+AS]4Don PeckDon PeckDNA
10.3.1968SCCA National Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+AS]9Ray WolffRays Hi PerformanceDNA
10.3.1968SCCA National Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+AS]10Bruce FrambesBruce FrambesDNA
10.3.1968SCCA National Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+AS]63Fred SutherlandFred SutherlandDNA
10.3.1968SCCA National Willow Springs [AP+BP+CP+AS]77Pete CordtsPeter CordtsDNA
23.3.196812 h Sebring31Titus / BucknumShelby Racing5th
23.3.196812 h Sebring32Moffat / KwechShelby RacingDNF
23.3.196812 h Sebring33 #12McComb / RichardsJohn McComb11th
23.3.196812 h Sebring34Posey / MinterMathews Racing TeamDNF
23.3.196812 h Sebring35Grossman / DiniRandy's Auto BodyDNF
23.3.196812 h Sebring36Novoa / van Beuren, Jr.Dos Caballos RacingDNF
23.3.196812 h Sebring37Wintersteen / StarrStarr RacingDNF
23.3.196812 h Sebring38Favreau / AmiotGagnon Spring, Inc.17th
23.3.196812 h SebringJim DowningJim DowningDNA
6.4.1968SCCA Regional Cotati [AP+BP+AS]17Richard GamboniDNA
12.4.1968500 km Snetterton90Ewer / Fox1st
14.4.1968SCCA Regional Newport76Joe Chamberlain4th
14.4.1968SCCA Regional Newport85Bill Gregg5th
21.4.1968SCCA National Virginia [AP+BP+CP+AS+BS]46Harold KeckPeter ConsiglioDNA
28.4.1968SCCA Regional Riverside [ASR+BSR+AP+AS]1Bob JamesDNA
28.4.1968SCCA Regional Riverside [ASR+BSR+AP+AS]4Don PeckDNA
28.4.1968SCCA Regional Riverside [ASR+BSR+AP+AS]10Dick RichardsDNA
28.4.1968SCCA Regional Riverside [ASR+BSR+AP+AS]17Pete CordtsDNA
28.4.1968SCCA Regional Riverside [ASR+BSR+AP+AS]60Mary WilkinsDNA
4.5.1968SCCA Regional Newport76Joe ChamberlainDNA
5.5.1968SCCA National Newport43Bob EganDNA
5.5.1968SCCA National Newport63Pat McElreathPat McElreathDNA
5.5.1968SCCA National Newport76Joe ChamberlainDNA
5.5.1968SCCA National Newport82John HallDNA
5.5.1968Dijon [GT]Bisang3rd
12.5.1968Trans-Am War Bonnet Park1Parnelli JonesShelby Racing Corporation3rd
12.5.1968Trans-Am War Bonnet Park2Jerry TitusShelby Racing CorporationDNF
12.5.1968Trans-Am War Bonnet ParkJohn McComb8th
12.5.1968Trans-Am War Bonnet ParkSam Posey9th
12.5.1968Trans-Am War Bonnet ParkMalcolm StarrDNF
19.5.1968SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [AP+BP+CP+DP+CSR+AS+BS+CS+DS]Tom Roberts1st
30.5.1968Trans-Am Lime Rock1David PearsonShelby Racing CorporationDNF
30.5.1968Trans-Am Lime Rock2Jerry TitusShelby Racing Corporation2nd
30.5.1968Trans-Am Lime Rock5Malcolm StarrDNF
30.5.1968Trans-Am Lime Rock15Bob GrossmanDNF
2.6.1968SCCA National Willow Springs [AP+BP+AS]3Bob JamesCutter Ford Sales, Inc.raced
2.6.1968SCCA National Willow Springs [AP+BP+AS]14Don Peckraced
2.6.1968SCCA National Willow Springs [AP+BP+AS]51Jim Dittemoreraced
9.6.1968Rose Cup Portland85Bill GreggWm. D. GreggDNA
9.6.1968Rose Cup Portland93Pat McElreathPat McElreathDNA
15.6.1968SCCA National Road America [AP+BP+CP+DP+AS]2James CourtneyJames CourtneyDNA
15.6.1968SCCA National Road America [AP+BP+CP+DP+AS]83John McCombJohn McCombDNA
16.6.1968Trans-Am Mid-Ohio1Jerry TitusShelby Racing Corporation2nd
16.6.1968Trans-Am Mid-Ohio2Horst KwechDNF
16.6.1968DARM 2 h Zolder [GT/S/TS+1.3]Dieter Eymann?th
23.6.1968Trans-Am Bridgehampton1Jerry TitusShelby Racing CorporationDNF
23.6.1968Trans-Am Bridgehampton5Malcolm Starr9th
23.6.1968Trans-Am Bridgehampton39Bob GrossmanDNF
23.6.1968DARM Mainz-Finthen [GT+1.6]Günther OhlerDNF
4.7.19686 h Riverside4Cruz / HamptonJim CruzDNA
4.7.19686 h Riverside5Dittemore / DralleWilliam MeiroffDNA
7.7.1968Trans-Am Meadowdale2Jerry TitusShelby Racing Corporation11th
7.7.1968SCCA National Riverside [AP+BP+AS]3Bob JamesCutter FordDNA
7.7.19686 h Nürburgring3Akersloot / van ZalingeFrami-RacingDNA
7.7.1968SCCA National Riverside [AP+BP+AS]4Don PeckDon PeckDNA
7.7.19686 h Nürburgring4Fritzinger / MeierFeyock Racing-Team?th
7.7.1968SCCA National Riverside [AP+BP+AS]9Ray WolffRay WolffDNA
7.7.1968SCCA National Riverside [AP+BP+AS]10Dick RichardsEl Mote MotorsDNA
7.7.1968SCCA National Riverside [AP+BP+AS]17Pete CordtsPete CordtsDNA
7.7.1968SCCA National Cotati [ASR+BSR+AP+BP+AS]82John HallHall & MooresDNA
7.7.1968Trans-Am MeadowdaleHorst Kwech8th
7.7.1968Trans-Am MeadowdaleStarr / SesslarDNF
13.7.1968SCCA Southport [ASR+BSR+AP+BP+AS]Whelan?th
21.7.1968Trans-Am St. Jovite2Jerry TitusShelby Racing Corporation14th
21.7.196824 h Spa2"Eldé" / DeprezTeam Claude Dubois2nd
21.7.196824 h Spa3Akersloot / LubinFrami Racing Holland20th
21.7.1968Trans-Am St. JoviteHorst KwechDNF
21.7.1968Trans-Am St. JoviteDon SesslarDNF
27.7.1968SCCA Regional Lake Garnett [ASR+BSR+AP+BP+CP+AS+BS]12Keith ThomasDNA
27.7.1968SCCA Regional Lake Garnett [ASR+BSR+AP+BP+CP+AS+BS]33John McCombDNA
28.7.1968SCCA National Lake Garnett [ASR+BSR+AP+BP+AS]12Keith ThomasDNA
28.7.1968SCCA National Lake Garnett [ASR+BSR+AP+BP+AS]33John McCombDNA
3.8.1968SCCA Regional Daytona [ASR+BSR+AP+BP+CP+DP]139Jim DowningDNS
4.8.1968SCCA National Riverside [AP+BP+AS]1Mary WilkinsMary Wilkinsraced
4.8.1968SCCA National Riverside [AP+BP+AS]3Bob JamesCutter Ford Sales, Inc.raced
4.8.1968SCCA National Riverside [AP+BP+AS]4Don PeckDon Peckraced
4.8.1968SCCA National Riverside [AP+BP+AS]9Ray WolffRay's High Performance Centerraced
4.8.1968SCCA National Riverside [AP+BP+AS]13Robert BarkerKodergy Elec.DNA
4.8.1968SCCA National Riverside [AP+BP+AS]15Jim DittemoreWilliam Meiroffraced
4.8.1968SCCA National Riverside [AP+BP+AS]16Phil HalbertPihl HalbertDNA
4.8.1968SCCA National Riverside [AP+BP+AS]17Pete CordtsPete Cordtsraced
4.8.1968Paul Whiteman Trophy Daytona139Jim DowningDNF
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