All Results of Peter Bamford

Year: 2006

27.8.2006British GT Brands Hatch17Porsche 996 GT3 CupBamford / GriffinTeam RPM15th/DNF
24.9.2006British GT Silverstone17Porsche 996 GT3 CupBamford / GriffinTeam RPMDNF

Year: 2007

15.3.2007British GT Silverstone Test8Porsche 997 GT3 CupBamford / GriffinTeam RPM7th
9.4.2007British GT Oulton Park8Porsche 997 GT3 CupBamford / GriffinTeam RPM8th/15th
3.6.2007British GT Snetterton8Porsche 997 GT3 CupBamford / GriffinTeam RPMDNF
15.7.2007British GT Brands Hatch8Porsche 997 GT3 CupBamford / GriffinTeam RPM9th/DNF
12.8.2007British GT Silverstone8Porsche 997 GT3 CupBamford / GriffinTeam RPM12th
26.8.2007British GT Thruxton8Porsche 997 GT3 CupBamford / GriffinTeam RPM13th/11th
9.9.2007British GT Croft8Porsche 997 GT3 CupBamford / GriffinTeam RPM13th/11th
30.9.2007British GT Rockingham8Porsche 997 GT3 CupBamford / GriffinTeam RPM13th/11th

Year: 2008

24.3.2008British GT Oulton Park4Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinChad Peninsula Racing7th/18th
9.4.2008Mugello TestFerrari F430BamfordAE8th
13.4.2008British GT Knockhill4Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinChad Peninsula Racing8th/5th
20.4.2008GT Open Vallelunga12Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering13th/17th
18.5.2008GT Open Valencia12Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering20th/15th
26.5.2008British GT Rockingham4Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinChad Peninsula Racing11th/5th
1.6.2008GT Open Spa12Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced EngineeringDNS
8.6.2008British GT Snetterton4Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinChad Peninsula Racing10th/22nd
29.6.2008British GT Thruxton3Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinChad Peninsula Racing6th/9th
29.6.2008British GT Thruxton4Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinChad Peninsula RacingDNS
13.7.2008GT Open Estoril12Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering12th/DNF
18.7.2008Britcar Silverstone3Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinChad Peninsula Racing3rd
27.7.2008GT Open Valencia12Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering13th/DNF
17.8.2008British GT Silverstone4Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinChad Peninsula RacingDNF
14.9.20081000 km Silverstone95Porsche 997 GT3 RSRDaniels / Griffin / BamfordJames Watt AutomotiveDNF
21.9.2008GT Open Magny-Cours12Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering9th/8th
5.10.2008GT Open Monza12Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering1st/11th
12.10.2008British GT Donington4Ferrari F430Griffin / BamfordChad Peninsula Racing5th

Year: 2009

19.4.2009GT Open Imola9Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering12th/14th
10.5.20091000 km Spa78Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering27th
17.5.2009GT Open Algarve9Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering9th/7th
28.6.2009GT Open Spa9Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering8th/6th
5.7.2009GT Open Donington9Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering14th/10th
23.8.20091000 km Nürburgring78Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering24th
13.9.20091000 km Silverstone78Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering33rd
20.9.2009GT Open Magny-Cours9Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering9th/8th
4.10.2009GT Open Monza9Ferrari F430Bamford / GriffinAdvanced Engineering14th/5th
1.11.2009GT Open Barcelona9Ferrari F430In entry list onlyAdvanced Engineering9th/6th

Year: 2010

18.4.2010GT Open Valencia62Ford GTMortimer / BamfordTeam RPMNC/6th
2.5.2010GT Open Nürburgring62Ford GTMortimer / BamfordTeam RPMDNF/15th
23.5.2010GT Open Imola62Ford GTBamford / MortimerTeam RPM13th/11th
27.6.2010GT Open Spa62Ford GTMortimer / BamfordTeam RPM9th/16th
11.7.2010GT Open Magny-Cours62Ford GTMortimer / BamfordTeam RPM10th/7th
1.8.201024 h Spa71Ford GTMortimer / Griffin / BamfordTeam RPM14th
15.8.2010British GT Silverstone4Ford GTBamford / MortimerRPM5th
19.9.2010GT Open Brands Hatch62Ford GTBamford / MortimerTeam RPM5th/12th
3.10.2010GT Open Monza62Ford GTMortimer / BamfordTeam RPM13th/12th
31.10.2010GT Open Barcelona62Ford GTMortimer / BamfordTeam RPM17th/DNS

Year: 2011

1.5.2011GT Open Imola56Ford GTBamford / MortimerTeam RPM15th/14th
15.5.2011GT Open Magny-Cours56Ford GTBamford / MortimerTeam RPMDNF/DNF
19.6.2011British GT Brands Hatch9Ford GTBamford / MutschPeter BamfordDNF
26.6.2011GT Open Spa56Ford GTMortimer / BamfordTeam RPMDNA
24.7.2011GT Open Brands Hatch56Ford GTBamford / MortimerTeam RPM17th/15th
28.8.2011GT Open Zeltweg56Ford GTBamford / MortimerTeam RPMDNS
18.9.2011GT Open Algarve56Ford GTBamford / MortimerAlex MortimerDNF/9th
2.10.2011GT Open Monza56Ford GTBamford / MortimerTeam RPMDNF/15th
8.10.2011British GT Silverstone9Ford GTBamford / EllisRPM12th
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