Photos of Chassis Mustang-NO12#

(real number unknown)

Daytona 24 HoursSunBank 24 at Daytona3.2.1991
1212 - Ford Mustang (Roush) - Whistler RadarFord Mustang # (Roush) - Ford V8 6000 cc N/AGTO
Whistler Radar (USA)Closed bodywork
Driven by: John Fergus (USA)/Max Jones (USA)/Dorsey Schroeder (USA)
listed, never drove:
Mark Martin (USA), Robby Gordon (USA)
Result: 6th
Grid: 21st (2:11.520)
Colours: red (+white/blue)
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 25/04/2006Photo by courtesy of: Mike Birch
Sebring 12 HoursNissan Presents the 39th Annual 12 Hours of Sebring International Grand Prix of Endurance16.3.1991
1212 - Ford Mustang (Roush) - Roush RacingFord Mustang # (Roush) - Ford V8 6000 cc N/AGTO
Roush Racing (USA)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Dorsey Schroeder (USA)/John Fergus (USA)
Robby Gordon (USA)
Result: 13th
Grid: 22nd (2:05.496)
Colours: red
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 29/06/2021Photo by courtesy of: Julian Nowell
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