Photos of Arnaud Van Schevensteen's cars

Spa 24 HoursProximus 24 Spa4.7.1999
2121 - BMW 320i - Belgacom TeamBMW 320i - BMW /JB Racing SP
Belgacom TeamClosed bodywork
Driven by: Arnaud Van Schevensteen (B)/Gabriele Cadringher (I)/Koen Wauters (B)Result: 15th
Grid: 27th (2:54.252)
Colours: white/turquoise
Tyres: Dunlop
Photo updated: 22/02/2007Photo by courtesy of: Fabrice Bergenhuizen
Spa 24 HoursProximus 24 Spa5.8.2001
9696 - Lamborghini Diablo GTR #ZA9DE22AOYLA12484/13 - Ecurie Toison d'OrLamborghini Diablo GTR #ZA9DE22AOYLA12484/13 - Lamborghini V12/60° 4v DOHC 5992 cc N/ACat.3
Ecurie Toison d'Or (B)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Pascal Witmeur (B)/Jean-Paul Libert (B)/Stanislas De Sadeleer (B)/Arnaud Van Schevensteen (B)
listed, never drove:
Pierre van Vliet (B)
Result: 20th
Grid: 23rd (2:37.777)
Colours: white (+black)
Tyres: Pirelli
Photo updated: 18/11/2002Photo by courtesy of: Racefriends and Jerome Mugnier
Random Photo
3 - Unipower GT #36837 - Adalberto Medeiros