Photos of Stanislas De Sadeleer's cars

Spa 24 HoursProximus 24 Spa4.7.1999
3333 - Honda Integra Type R - LR OrganisationHonda Integra Type R - Honda SP
LR OrganisationClosed bodywork
Driven by: Stanislas De Sadeleer (B)/Nicolaus Springer (D)/Peter Hardman (GB)Result: 11th
Grid: 30th (2:55.271)
Colours: black (+yellow/red)
Tyres: Dunlop
Photo updated: 22/02/2007Photo by courtesy of: Fabrice Bergenhuizen
Daytona 24 HoursRolex 24 at Daytona6.2.2000
4141 - Porsche 996 GT3-R #WP0ZZZ99ZYS692077 - L. R. OrganisationPorsche 996 GT3-R #WP0ZZZ99ZYS692077 - Porsche F6 4v DOHC 3598 cc N/AGTU
L. R. Organisation (CH)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Peter Hardman (GB)/Philippe Favre (CH)/Stanislas De Sadeleer (B)/Nicolaus Springer (D)Result: 18th
Grid: 65th (1:58.417)
Colours: white/orange (+black)
Tyres: Dunlop
Photo updated: 28/11/2010Photo by courtesy of: Nate Brown
FIA GT Championship SilverstoneDays of Thunder Silverstone14.5.2000
6363 - Porsche 996 GT3-R #WP0ZZZ99ZYS692077 - LROPorsche 996 GT3-R #WP0ZZZ99ZYS692077 - Porsche F6 4v DOHC 3598 cc N/AN-GT
LRO (CH)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Christophe d'Ansembourg (B)/Michel Ligonnet (F)/Stanislas De Sadeleer (B)Result: 22nd
Grid: 27th (1:59.582)
Colours: white (+orange/black/green)
Tyres: Michelin
Photo updated: 18/12/2011Photo by courtesy of: Julian Roberts
Spa 24 HoursProximus 24 Spa5.8.2001
9696 - Lamborghini Diablo GTR #ZA9DE22AOYLA12484/13 - Ecurie Toison d'OrLamborghini Diablo GTR #ZA9DE22AOYLA12484/13 - Lamborghini V12/60° 4v DOHC 5992 cc N/ACat.3
Ecurie Toison d'Or (B)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Pascal Witmeur (B)/Jean-Paul Libert (B)/Stanislas De Sadeleer (B)/Arnaud Van Schevensteen (B)
listed, never drove:
Pierre van Vliet (B)
Result: 20th
Grid: 23rd (2:37.777)
Colours: white (+black)
Tyres: Pirelli
Photo updated: 18/11/2002Photo by courtesy of: Racefriends and Jerome Mugnier
Daytona 24 HoursRolex 24 At Daytona2.2.2003
2222 - Ferrari 360 Modena N-GT #ZFFYR51B000119073 (000M) (Michelotto) - JMB USA RacingFerrari 360 Modena N-GT #ZFFYR51B000119073 (000M) (Michelotto) - Ferrari Tipo F131 V8/90° 5v DOHC 3586 cc N/AGT
JMB USA Racing (USA)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Stephen Earle (USA)/Philip Shearer (USA)/Stéphane Grégoire (F)/Ludovico Manfredi (I)
listed, never drove:
Augusto Farfus (BR), Stanislas De Sadeleer (B), Ron Atapattu (USA), Max Papis (I), Christian Pescatori (I)
Result: 40th - did not finish (Fire)
Grid: 35th (2:00.385) - 40th fastest qualifier
Colours: red (+blue/white)
Tyres: Dunlop
Photo updated: 26/02/2003Photo by courtesy of: JonsPhotos.Com