Photos of Buddy Lazier's cars

Can-Am St. LouisSCCA Can-Am Challenge St. Louis3.8.1986
4343 - Watson 82 Chevrolet - Texas American Race TeamWatson 82 # - Chevrolet -
Texas American Race TeamOpen bodywork
Driven by: Buddy Lazier (USA)Result: 12th - did not finish (Chassis)
Grid: 5th (1:27.520)
Colours: white/red/dark blue
Tyres: Hoosier
Photo updated: 29/01/2006Photo by courtesy of: Kirk Hoffman
Canadian American Thundercars Milwaukee19.7.1987
22 - March 85C ChevroletMarch 85C # - Chevrolet V8 5900 cc N/A-
(USA)Single-seater with covered wheels
Driven by: Buddy Lazier (USA)Result: 9th
Grid: 1st (27.405)
Colours: red
Tyres: Hoosier
Photo updated: 22/05/2012Photo by courtesy of: Randy Zimmer
Daytona 24 HoursThe 27th Annual SunBank 24 at Daytona5.2.1989
4343 - Fabcar CL Porsche #FEP-002 - Motorsports MarketingFabcar CL #FEP-002 - Porsche Type 901 F6 2v SOHC 2993 cc N/ALights
Motorsports MarketingClosed bodywork
Driven by: John Higgins (USA)/Lorenzo Lamas (USA)/Buddy Lazier (USA)/Justus Reid (USA)Result: 31st - did not finish (Engine)
Grid: 46th (1:59.843)
Colours: yellow (+black/red)
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 01/01/2004Photo by courtesy of: Mark Windecker
Daytona 24 HoursRolex 24 at Daytona31.1.1993
4242 - Fabcar CL Porsche #FGTP-701=>FEP-001 - Pro-Technik RacingFabcar CL #FGTP-701=>FEP-001 - Porsche Type 901 F6 2v SOHC 2993 cc N/ALights
Pro-Technik RacingClosed bodywork
Driven by: Buddy Lazier (USA)/Sam Shalala (USA)/Mike Sheehan (USA)/Chris Ivey (USA)/Anthony Lazzaro (USA)Result: 24th
Grid: 58th (no time)
Colours: red/white (+yellow/black)
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 23/04/2016Photo by courtesy of: Martin Spetz and Tom Harbin
Daytona 24 HoursRolex 24 at Daytona4.2.2001
7474 - Riley & Scott Mk III Judd #016 - Robinson RacingRiley & Scott Mk III #016 - Judd GV4 V10 4000 cc N/ASRP
Robinson Racing (USA)Open bodywork
Driven by: Jack Baldwin (USA)/George Robinson (USA)/Irv Hoerr (USA)/Buddy Lazier (USA)Result: 22nd - did not finish (Engine)
Grid: 2nd (1:49.201) - 19th fastest qualifier
Colours: orange/blue
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 01/02/2018Photo by courtesy of: Fred Lewis and Michael O. Crews
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