Photos of Heinz Steiner's cars

Interserie MostMezinárodní závody automobilů, Interserie Coupe12.8.1990
5959 - March 842 BMW Can-Am #19 - Equipe BernoiseMarch 842 Can-Am #19 - BMW /Heidegger L4 N/ADiv.II
Equipe Bernoise (CH)Open bodywork with separated mudguards
Driven by: Heinz Steiner (CH)
listed, never drove:
Hans Affentranger (CH)
Result: 10th - Heat 1: 8th ; Heat 2: 11th
Grid: 11th (1:25.900)
Colours: dark blue/white
Tyres: Dunlop
Photo updated: 28/05/2005Photo by courtesy of: RSC
Interserie MostSuper Sports Challenge Interserie Coupe, Austrian Euroserie2.8.1998
6565 - Martini Mk.77 BMW #01 - PRC RennsporttechnikMartini Mk.77 #01 - BMW 3000 cc N/ADiv.II-ES
PRC Rennsporttechnik (A)Open bodywork
Driven by: Heinz Steiner (CH)Result: did not finish (2:DNS) - Heat 1: 4th 1st in Div.II-ES ; Heat 2: did not start (Euroserie race only)
Grid: 5th (1:24.775)
Colours: silver/turquoise/yellow
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 22/02/2007Photo by courtesy of: RSC
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