Photos of Henri Perrier's cars

Le Mans 24 Hours24 Heures du Mans23.6.1957
4949 - D.B. HBR Panhard #834=>917 - D. B.D.B. HBR #834=>917 - Panhard F2 745 cc N/AS750
D. B.Open bodywork
Driven by: Louis Cornet (F)/Henri Perrier (F)
listed, never drove:
Paul Armagnac (F), Gérard Laureau (F)
Result: 17th
Colours: unknown
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 04/02/2012Photo by courtesy of: Dominique Gasnerie
Sebring 12 Hours12-Hour Florida International Grand Prix of Endurance for the Amoco Trophy21.3.1959
5858 - D.B. HBR4 Panhard - Deutsch & BonnetD.B. HBR4 - Panhard 750 cc N/AS750
Deutsch & Bonnet (USA)Open bodywork
Driven by: Henri Perrier (F)/Bill Wood (USA)Result: 37th
Colours: dark
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 22/02/2007Photo by courtesy of: Dave Nicholas
Tour de FranceTour de France20.9.1964
5858 - Volvo 122 S - NoireVolvo 122 S - Volvo L4 1780 cc N/AT2.0
NoireClosed bodywork
Driven by: Henri Perrier (F)/Georges Harris (B)
listed, never drove:
Pierre Rozé (F)
Result: did not finish (Mechanical)
Colours: white
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 15/05/2016Photo by courtesy of: Jean Stévenin
Nürburgring 1000 KilometresADAC-1000-km-Rennen Nürburgring5.6.1966
108108 - Porsche 911 - Henri PerrierPorsche 911 - Porsche F6 2000 cc N/AGT2.0
Henri Perrier (F)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Henri Perrier (F)/Keith Greene (GB)
Gilles Nebon Carle (F)
Result: 24th
Grid: 43rd (10:26.600)
Colours: red
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 05/07/2015Photo by courtesy of: Hans-Gerd Bretz
Random Photo
61 - March 73S Ford #14 - E. B. Lunken Racing