Photos of Peter John's cars

GP NürburgringGrosser Preis Tourenwagen Nürburgring7.7.1985
33 - Rover Vitesse - Massa-Real Racing TeamRover Vitesse - Rover V8 3532 cc N/ADiv.3
Massa-Real Racing TeamClosed bodywork
Driven by: Olaf Manthey (D)/Peter John (D)Result: 35th - did not finish (Oil sump)
Grid: 12th (1:54.920)
Colours: white/blue (+black)
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 14/10/2022Photo by courtesy of: Dieter Gerhards Flickr page of Dieter Gerhards
Spa 24 Hours24 Heures de Francorchamps2.8.1987
5757 - Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 - AMG/Marko RSMMercedes-Benz 190 E 2.3-16 # - Mercedes-Benz L4 4v 2323 cc N/ADiv.2
AMG/Marko RSM (A)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Peter Oberndorfer (D)/Franz Klammer (A)/Peter John (D)Result: did not finish (Engine)
Grid: 23rd (2:43.640) - 24th fastest qualifier
Colours: white/red
Tyres: Dunlop
Photo updated: 25/04/2006Photo by courtesy of: Glyn Parham
Spa 24 Hours24 Heures de Francorchamps - Lotto Trophy23.7.1989
8989 - Ford Sierra RS Cosworth - Team Sonax AutophlegeFord Sierra RS Cosworth - Ford L4 1993 cc TurboN/Div.5
Team Sonax AutophlegeClosed bodywork
Driven by: A. Buhk (D)/Georg Weber (D)/Peter John (D)Result: did not start
Colours: white (+red)
Tyres: Michelin
Photo updated: 13/03/2011Photo by courtesy of: Bob Vandenholt
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56 - Porsche 911 E