Photos of Richard Groombridge's cars

NSCC Silverstone [Clubman/1200F]Nottingham Sports Car Club Race Meeting Silverstone16.3.1969
7272 - Hustler - Ford - Richard J. GroombridgeHustler # - Ford L4 1500 cc N/ACS+1.0
Richard J. Groombridge (GB)-
Driven by: Richard Groombridge (GB)Result: started, result unknown
Colours: maroon
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 04/07/2021Photo by courtesy of: Kenneth German
Thundersports Brands HatchThundersports Daily Mail Easter Monday8.4.1985
2222 - Marler BM23 Ford - Sonneborn & Rieck/Chamberlain EngineeringMarler BM23 # - Ford Cosworth DFV V8/90° 4v DOHC 2993 cc N/AClass A
Sonneborn & Rieck/Chamberlain Engineering (GB)Open bodywork with separated mudguards
Driven by: Richard Groombridge (GB)/Dan Murphy (USA)Result: did not finish
Grid: 15th (1:54.820)
Colours: silver
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 28/05/2005Photo by courtesy of: Norbert Vogel
Thundersports BirminghamHalfords Birmingham Super Prix25.8.1986
8484 - Lola T86/90 Ford - Chamberlain EngineeringLola T86/90 # - Ford Pinto/Chamberlain L4 2000 cc N/AClass C
Chamberlain Engineering (GB)Open bodywork
Driven by: Andreas Kramer (CH)/Richard Groombridge (GB)Result: did not start
Grid: 33rd (1:46.150)
Colours: white
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 02/06/2003Photo by courtesy of: Jeremy Jackson