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Year: 1979

14.10.1979Can-Am Laguna Seca10Hogan HR-001Geoff BrabhamHogan Racing, Ltd.22nd
28.10.1979Can-Am Riverside10Hogan HR-001Geoff BrabhamHogan Racing, Ltd.4th

Year: 1980

27.4.19805 h Riverside3BMW March M1Busby / *BrabhamJim Busby Industries51st
24.5.1980Can-Am Golden State3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team VDS4th
8.6.1980Can-Am Mid-Ohio3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team V.D.S.12th
22.6.1980Can-Am Mosport3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team VDS3rd
22.6.1980Can-Am Mosport3TLola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team VDST-car
6.7.1980Can-Am Watkins Glen3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team VDS8th
20.7.1980Can-Am Road America3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team V.D.S.T-car
20.7.1980Can-Am Road America3TLola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team VDS2nd
10.8.1980Can-Am Brainerd3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team VDS6th
24.8.1980Can-Am Trois-Rivières3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team VDS17th
7.9.1980Can-Am Road Atlanta3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team V.D.S.1st
19.10.1980Can-Am Laguna Seca3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team VDS4th
26.10.1980Can-Am Riverside3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team VDS21st

Year: 1981

14.6.1981Can-Am Mosport3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team V.D.S.2nd
28.6.1981Can-Am Mid-Ohio3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team VDS2nd
11.7.1981Can-Am Watkins Glen3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team V.D.S.12th
26.7.1981Can-Am Road America3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team V.D.S.1st
16.8.1981Can-Am Edmonton3VDS 001Geoff BrabhamRacing Team V.D.S.1st
30.8.1981500 km Mid-Ohio3Lola T530Brabham / HolbertRacing Team V.D.S.DNA
6.9.1981Can-Am Trois-Rivières3Lola T530Geoff BrabhamRacing Team V.D.S.2nd
13.9.1981Can-Am Mosport II3VDS 001Geoff BrabhamRacing Team VDS3rd
4.10.1981Can-Am Riverside3VDS 001Geoff BrabhamRacing Team V.D.S.13th
11.10.1981Can-Am Laguna Seca3VDS 001Geoff BrabhamRacing Team V.D.S.3rd
16.10.1981Can-Am Caesars Pallace3VDS 001Geoff BrabhamRacing Team V.D.S.3rd

Year: 1982

3.10.1982Can-Am Riverside7Frissbee GR2Geoff BrabhamGalles Racing4th
10.10.1982Can-Am Laguna Seca7Frissbee GR2Geoff BrabhamGalles Racing14th

Year: 1983

27.2.1983GP of Miami6Ford Mustang TurboBrabhamZakspeed Roush12th
10.4.1983500 km Road Atlanta6Ford Mustang TurboGeoff BrabhamTeam Zakspeed Roush58th
1.5.1983100 mile Laguna Seca6Ford Mustang TurboGeoff BrabhamTeam Zakspeed Roush15th
21.8.1983500 mile Road America6Ford Mustang GTPRahal / BrabhamZakspeed Roush3rd
11.9.1983500 mile Pocono2Ford Mustang GTPBrabham / LudwigZakspeed Roush35th

Year: 1984

25.11.19843 h Daytona Finale06Ford Mustang GTPGeoff BrabhamTeam Zakspeed USA69th

Year: 1986

27.4.19866 h Riverside83Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamElectramotive Engineering46th
27.7.1986300 km Portland83Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamElectramotive Engineering3rd
24.8.1986500 mile Road America83Nissan GTP ZX-TForbes-Robinson / BrabhamElectramotive Engineering47th
5.10.1986500 km Columbus83Nissan GTP ZX-TForbes-Robinson / BrabhamElectramotive Engineering5th

Year: 1987

1.3.19873 h Miami83Nissan GTP ZX-TForbes-Robinson / BrabhamNissan Electramotive Engineering1st
26.4.1987500 km Riverside83Nissan GTP ZX-TIn entry list onlyElectramotive Engineering21st
7.6.1987500 km Mid-Ohio83Nissan GTP ZX-TForbes-Robinson / BrabhamElectramotive17th
26.7.1987300 km Portland83Nissan GTP ZX-TForbes-Robinson / BrabhamNissan Electramotive Engineering19th
27.9.19871000 km Fuji99Porsche 962Bell / BrabhamRothmans Porsche Team Schuppan6th
4.10.1987300 km Columbus8Nissan GTP ZX-TForbes-Robinson / BrabhamNissan Electromotive EngineeringDNS
4.10.1987300 km Columbus83Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamNissan Electramotive Engineering28th
25.10.19872 h Del Mar83Nissan GTP ZX-TForbes-Robinson / BrabhamElectramotive Engineering6th
29.11.1987500 km Fuji99Porsche 962Brabham / ElghRothmans Porsche Team Schuppan2nd

Year: 1988

28.2.19883 h Miami83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / MortonElectramotive Engineering8th
28.2.19883 h Miami84Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / MortonElectramotive EngineeringDNS
10.4.1988500 km Road Atlanta3Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / MortonElectramotive Engineering1st
10.4.1988500 km Road Atlanta83Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamElectramotive EngineeringDNS
24.4.19883 h West Palm Beach83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / MortonElectramotive Engineering1st
30.5.1988150 lap Lime Rock83Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamElectramotive Engineering1st
5.6.1988500 km Mid-Ohio83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / GloyElectramotive Engineering1st
3.7.1988500 km Watkins Glen83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / MortonElectramotive Engineering1st
17.7.1988500 km Road America83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / MortonElectramotive Engineering1st
31.7.1988300 km Portland83Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamElectramotive Engineering1st
14.8.1988300 km Sears Point83Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamElectramotive Engineering1st
14.8.1988300 km Sears Point84Nissan GTP ZX-TIn entry list onlyElectramotive Engineering8th
4.9.19883 h San Antonio83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / MortonElectramotive Engineering12th
2.10.1988300 km Columbus83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabhamElectramotive Engineering1st
23.10.19882 h Del Mar83Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamElectramotive Engineering22nd
27.11.1988Challenge Tampa83Nissan GTP ZX-TMorton / BrabhamElectramotive Engineering1st

Year: 1989

5.2.198924 h Daytona83Nissan GTP ZX-TLuyendyk / Robinson / Brabham / RoeElectramotive Engineering27th
5.2.198924 h Daytona84Nissan GTP ZX-TRoe / *BrabhamElectramotive Engineering61st
5.3.19893 h Miami83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / RobinsonElectramotive Engineering1st
5.3.19893 h Miami84Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / Robinson / DevendorfElectramotive EngineeringDNS
18.3.198912 h Sebring83Nissan GTP ZX-TRobinson / Brabham / LuyendykElectramotive Engineering1st
18.3.198912 h Sebring84Nissan GTP ZX-TLuyendyk / *BrabhamElectramotive Engineering52nd
2.4.1989500 km Road Atlanta83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / RobinsonElectramotive Engineering1st
2.4.1989500 km Road Atlanta84Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / RobinsonElectramotive EngineeringDNS
23.4.1989West Palm Beach83Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamElectramotive Engineering21st
23.4.1989West Palm Beach84Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / RobinsonElectramotive Engineering6th
29.5.1989150 lap Lime Rock83Nissan GTP ZX-TIn entry list onlyElectramotive Engineering4th
29.5.1989150 lap Lime Rock84Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamElectramotive Engineering1st
4.6.1989500 km Mid-Ohio83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / RobinsonElectramotive Engineering1st
11.6.198924 h Le Mans25Nissan R89CBrabham / Robinson / LuyendykNissan MotorsportDNF
2.7.1989500 km Watkins Glen83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / RobinsonElectramotive EngineeringDNS
2.7.1989500 km Watkins Glen84Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / RobinsonElectramotive Engineering1st
16.7.1989500 km Road America83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / RobinsonElectramotive Engineering1st
16.7.1989500 km Road America84Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / Robinson / DevendorfElectramotive EngineeringDNS
30.7.1989300 km Portland83Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamElectramotive Engineering2nd
12.8.19892 h Topeka [GT]75Nissan 300ZX TurboMillen / BrabhamCunningham Racing14th
13.8.1989300 km Topeka83Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamElectramotive Engineering1st
3.9.19892 h San Antonio83Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamElectramotive Engineering15th
10.9.1989300 km Sears Point83Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamElectramotive Engineering1st
1.10.1989360 km Tampa83Nissan GTP ZX-TGeoff BrabhamElectramotive Engineering6th
22.10.19892 h Del Mar83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabhamElectramotive Engineering2nd
22.10.19892 h Del Mar84Nissan GTP ZX-TRobinson / *BrabhamElectramotive Engineering17th

Year: 1990

4.2.199024 h Daytona83Nissan GTP ZX-TEarl / Robinson / Brabham / DalyNissan Performance30th
4.2.199024 h Daytona84Nissan GTP ZX-TDaly / Earl / Robinson / BrabhamNissan Performance28th
25.2.1990GP Miami83Nissan GTP ZX-TDaly / Earl / *BrabhamNissan Performance19th
25.2.1990GP Miami84Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / Robinson / EarlNissan Performance1st
17.3.199012 h Sebring83Nissan GTP ZX-TDaly / Earl / *BrabhamNissan Performance Tech.1st
17.3.199012 h Sebring84Nissan GTP ZX-TDaly / Robinson / BrabhamNissan Performance Tech.2nd
1.4.1990500 km Road Atlanta83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / DalyNissan Performance1st
22.4.19903 h West Palm Beach83Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / DalyNissan Performance1st
6.5.1990300 km Topeka1Nissan GTP ZX-TBrabham / Daly / Robinson / EarlNissan PerformanceDNA
6.5.1990300 km Topeka83Nissan NPT-90In entry list onlyNissan Performance8th
6.5.1990300 km Topeka84Nissan GTP ZX-TRobinson / BrabhamNissan Performance2nd
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