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Year: 1961

19.3.1961Snetterton [GT]87Austin-Healey 3000Roger NathanR. NathanDNA
13.5.1961BRSCC Oulton Park [GT/Production A]139Lotus EliteRoger NathanR. D. NathanDNA
17.6.1961BARC Aintree [Handicap B]Lotus EliteRoger Nathan8th
7.8.1961NSCC Mallory Park [S1.6]70Lotus EliteRoger NathanRoger NathanDNA
7.8.1961Peco Trophy Brands HatchLotus EliteRoger NathanDNS
30.9.1961Molyslip Trophy SnettertonLotus EliteRoger Nathan12th

Year: 1962

7.4.1962National Open Oulton Park [GT2.0]34Lotus EliteRoger NathanRoger Nathan9th
28.4.1962Silverstone [GT2.0]64Lotus EliteRoger NathanR. D. Nathan2nd
11.6.1962Mallory Park International26Lotus EliteRoger NathanDNA
16.6.1962NSCC Silverstone [GT+1.15]164Lotus EliteRoger NathanR. D. NathanDNA
1.7.1962BRSCC Mallory Park [GT1.3]110Lotus EliteRoger NathanR. D. NathanDNA
12.7.1962Silverstone [GT+ser.S]Lotus EliteRoger Nathan4th
28.7.1962BRSCC Oulton Park [GT/Production A]147Lotus EliteRoger NathanRoger Nathan2nd
6.8.1962NSCC Mallory Park [GT+1.15]32Lotus EliteRoger NathanT-car
6.8.1962NSCC Mallory Park [GT+1.15]32Lotus EliteRoger NathanDNS
19.8.1962Snetterton [GT+1.0]76Lotus EliteRoger NathanR. D. Nathan?th
22.9.1962BARC Goodwood [S/GT]Lotus EliteRoger NathanR. D. Nathan?th
22.9.1962BARC Goodwood [Handicap Gt]Lotus EliteRoger NathanR. D. Nathan1st
29.9.19623 h Autosport30Lotus EliteRoger NathanR. D. Nathanraced

Year: 1963

17.3.1963Snetterton [GT+1.0]56Lotus EliteRoger NathanRoger Nathan3rd
19.5.19631000 km Nürburgring10Lotus EliteJones / NathanRoger NathanDNF
15.6.1963BRSCC Oulton Park [GT/Sports]164Lotus EliteRoger NathanRoger NathanDNS
15.6.1963BRSCC Oulton Park [GT/Sports]164Lotus EliteRoger NathanRoger Nathan3rd
6.7.1963Martini Trophy SilverstoneLotus EliteRoger Nathan5th
14.7.1963Scott-Brown Memorial SnettertonLotus EliteRoger Nathan3rd
20.7.1963GP Silverstone20Lotus EliteRoger NathanR. Nathan18th
6.8.1963Brands Hatch [GT2.5]96Lotus EliteRoger NathanR. Nathan5th
24.8.1963Tourist Trophy35Lotus EliteRoger NathanR. NathanDNF
7.9.1963Crystal Palace [GT1.6]67Lotus EliteRoger NathanR. D. Nathan3rd
21.9.1963BARC Goodwood [GT+1.15]117Lotus EliteRoger NathanR. NathanDNA
28.9.19633 h Autosport8Lotus EliteRoger NathanRoger Nathan Racing?th

Year: 1964

30.3.1964Lavant Cup Goodwood35Brabham BT8Roger NathanR. Nathan12th
11.4.1964Oulton Park Trophy12Brabham BT8Roger NathanR. NathanDNA
18.4.1964Aintree 20093Brabham BT8Roger NathanR. NathanDNF
25.4.1964Autosport Silverstone [S/GT2.0]123Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan (Racing)2nd
2.5.1964Silverstone International30Brabham BT8Roger NathanR. Nathan5th
10.5.1964BARC Brands Hatch [S+1.2]80Brabham BT8Roger NathanR. Nathan1st
17.5.1964Guards Trophy Mallory Park50Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan (Racing)3rd
18.5.1964Whitsun Goodwood8Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan (Racing)6th
31.5.19641000 km Nürburgring117Marcos GullwingNathan / JonesRoger NathanDNF
21.6.1964NDMC Ouston [SR+F3]2Brabham BT8Roger Nathan2nd
21.6.1964NDMC Ouston [SR]2Brabham BT8Roger Nathan1st
4.7.1964Martini Trophy Silverstone19Brabham BT8Roger NathanR. Nathan1st
11.7.1964GP Brands Hatch12Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan Racing4th
19.7.1964SMRC Snetterton [Sports]91Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan1st
25.7.1964BARC Aintree Trophy27Brabham BT8Roger NathanR. Nathan1st
3.8.1964Guards Trophy Brands Hatch23Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan RacingDNF
23.8.1964BRSCC Croft [Sports]Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan?th
29.8.1964Tourist Trophy12Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan16th
26.9.19643 h Autosport24Brabham BT8Roger NathanNathan RacingDNF
4.10.1964Brands Hatch [FL]9Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan RacingDNA
4.10.1964Guards Brands Hatch [SR]9Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan RacingDNA

Year: 1965

1.2.1965Boxing Day Brands HatchBrabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan1st
19.4.1965Lavant Cup Goodwood39Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan (Racing) Ltd.DNF
1.5.1965Tourist Trophy15Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan (Racing)DNS
15.5.1965Silverstone International20Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan (Racing) Ltd.raced
23.5.19651000 km Nürburgring89Lotus ElanNathan / TaggartRoger NathanDNF
6.6.1965Guards Trophy Mallory Park19Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan (Racing) Ltd.3rd
7.6.1965Whitsun Goodwood72Brabham BT8Roger NathanR. Nathan RacingDNF
20.6.1965NDMC Ouston [SR]1Brabham BT8Roger Nathan1st
20.6.1965NDMC Ouston [Formula Libre]1Brabham BT8Roger Nathan1st
10.7.1965GP Silverstone11Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan Racingraced
24.7.1965Martini Trophy Silverstone36Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan Ltd.DNF
8.8.1965Guards SCC Brands Hatch [S+1.0]35Brabham BT8Roger NathanR. NathanDNA
15.8.1965Daily Mirror Trophy Croft55Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger Nathan RacingDNF
30.8.1965Guards Trophy Brands Hatch23Brabham BT8Roger NathanR. Nathanraced
12.9.1965BARC Brands Hatch [Sports]95Brabham BT8Roger NathanR. NathanDNA
3.10.1965Guards SCC Brands Hatch55Brabham BT8Roger NathanR. NathanDNA
10.10.1965NSCC Mallory Park [Sports]121Brabham BT8Roger NathanRoger NathanDNA

Year: 1966

30.5.1966Anerley Trophy Crystal Palace97Costin-Nathan Roger NathanRoger Nathan RacingDNS
25.9.1966Coupes de Paris [P1.15+GT1.15]42Costin-Nathan Roger Nathan1st
2.10.1966Guards Trophy Brands Hatch [S+2.5/GT+2.5]Costin-Nathan Roger Nathan?th

Year: 1967

23.4.1967Coupes de Vitesse23Costin-Nathan 1600 SRoger NathanR. Nathan RacingDNA
11.6.196724 h Le Mans54Costin-Nathan GTNathan / BeckwithRoger Nathan Racing Ltd.DNF
7.8.1967Brands Hatch [GT]Costin-Nathan GTRoger Nathan4th
28.8.1967BRSCC Mallory Park [GT1.15]Costin-Nathan GTRoger Nathan1st
8.10.1967Coupes du SalonCostin-Nathan GTRoger Nathan7th
15.10.19671000 km Paris35Costin-Nathan GTNathan / RuataRoger Nathan20th

Year: 1968

4.3.1968Brands Hatch [Special GT]Nathan GTRoger Nathan2nd
10.3.1968Mallory Park [Special GT]Nathan GTRoger Nathan4th
16.3.1968Oulton Park [Special GT]Nathan GTRoger Nathan?th
17.3.1968MN GT ThruxtonNathan GTRoger Nathan2nd
25.4.19681000 km Monza35Nathan GTNathan / RuataRoger NathanDNA
4.5.1968MN GT Castle Combe200Nathan GTRoger NathanRoger Nathan Racing Ltd.DNF
3.6.1968Tourist TrophyNathan GTRoger NathanRoger Nathan Motor Racing25th
27.7.1968Martini Trophy SilverstoneNathan GTRoger NathanRoger Nathan Motor RacingDNF
28.7.1968NSCC Mallory Park [Special GT]126Nathan GTRoger NathanRoger Nathan Racing5th
28.7.1968NSCC Mallory Park [Special GT]136Nathan GTRoger NathanRoger Nathan RacingDNA
11.8.1968Mallory Park [Special GT]Nathan GTRoger Nathan?th
4.9.1968500 km Nürburgring33Nathan GTRoger NathanRoger Nathan Racing8th
28.9.1968MN GT Oulton Park75Nathan GTRoger NathanRoger Nathan Racing Ltd.DNA

Year: 1969

13.4.19696 h Brands Hatch73Astra RNR1Nathan / BakerRoger Nathan Racing Ltd.DNS
25.4.19691000 km Monza24Astra RNR1Nathan / BeckwithRoger NathanDNA
17.5.1969Martini Trophy 300 Silverstone26Astra RNR1Roger NathanRoger Nathan RacingDNA
1.6.19691000 km Nürburgring26Astra RNR1Nathan / BeckwithRoger Nathan Racing23rd
8.6.1969GP Paris27Astra RNR1Roger Nathan4th
2.8.1969MN GT Crystal Palace [S1.6]159Astra RNR1Roger NathanRoger Nathan Motor Racing1st
10.8.1969STP Mallory ParkAstra RNR1Roger Nathan1st
17.8.1969NogaroAstra RNR1Roger Nathan3rd
1.9.1969Guards Trophy Brands Hatch110Astra RNR1Roger NathanRoger Nathan Racing Ltd.2nd
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