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All Results of Audi R8 LMS GT4

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Year: 2017

28.5.201724 h Nürburgring17 #AS4S9FGT420170003Lappalainen / Mies / Terting / YoongAudi Sport Team Phoenix66th
28.5.201724 h Nürburgring18 #AS4S9FGT420170004Abt / Frey / Huisman / TertingAudi Sport Team Phoenix31st

Year: 2018

8.3.2018GT4 Zolder Test3Phoenix7th
8.3.2018GT4 Zolder Test5Phoenix5th
8.3.2018GT4 Zolder Test6Phoenix10th
8.3.2018GT4 Zolder Test16Racing One16th
8.3.2018GT4 Zolder Test17Racing One17th
8.3.2018GT4 Zolder Test100JAC32nd
2.4.2018FFSA GT4 Nogaro5 #WUAGT44S6J7940050Hamon / MartinsSainteloc RacingDNF/8th
2.4.2018FFSA GT4 Nogaro10 #WUAGT44S7J7940039Diaz-Varela / CerquedaBaporo Motorsport31st/24th
2.4.2018FFSA GT4 Nogaro21 #WUAGT44S0J7940030Estèves / BeltoiseSainteloc Racing18th/28th
2.4.2018FFSA GT4 Nogaro42 #WUAGT44S2J7940031Michal / GuilvertSainteloc Racing10th/4th
2.4.2018FFSA GT4 Nogaro48 #WUAGT44S7J7940042Pernaut / MarieOrhes Racing25th/29th
2.4.2018FFSA GT4 Nogaro83 #WUAGT44S1J7940022Goujat / LeclercRiviera Motorsport13th/23rd
8.4.2018GT4 Zolder3Rdest / FreiburghausPhoenix Racing24th/35th
8.4.2018GT4 Zolder4Rödig / BernsteinerPhoenix Racing27th/DNF
8.4.2018GT4 Zolder5Dontje / Moller MadsenPhoenix Racing1st/5th
8.4.2018GT4 Zolder6Viebahn / JasperPhoenix Racing12th/18th
8.4.2018GT4 Zolder16Lungstrass / OwegaRacing One31st/13th
8.4.2018GT4 Zolder77Zamparini / MórRacing One10th/2nd
29.4.2018GT4 Central Cup Most16Hamza OwegaRacing One1st/3rd
6.5.2018GT4 Brands Hatch3Rdest / FreiburghausPhoenix Racing29th/21st
6.5.2018GT4 Brands Hatch4Rödig / ZöchlingPhoenix Racing21st/16th
6.5.2018GT4 Brands Hatch5Dontje / Moller MadsenPhoenix Racing1st/5th
6.5.2018GT4 Brands Hatch6Viebahn / JasperPhoenix Racing19th/18th
6.5.2018GT4 Brands Hatch16Lungstrass / OwegaRacing One35th/DNF
6.5.2018GT4 Brands Hatch77Zamparini / MórRacing One18th/35th
13.5.2018FFSA GT4 Pau5Hamon / MartinsSainteloc Racing16th/5th
13.5.2018FFSA GT4 Pau10Diaz-Varela / CerquedaBaporo Motorsport21st/DNS
13.5.2018Australian GT Sandown Park16Victor ZagameMPD Steak Kitchen22nd/23rd/22nd
13.5.2018FFSA GT4 Pau21Estèves / BeltoiseSainteloc Racing12th/13th
13.5.201824 h Nürburgring41Dontje / Moller Madsen / Xiaole / HoferPhoenix RacingDNF
13.5.2018FFSA GT4 Pau42Michal / GuilvertSainteloc RacingDNS
13.5.2018FFSA GT4 Pau48Pernaut / MarieOrhes Racing26th/16th
24.6.2018GT4 Misano3Rdest / FreiburghausPhoenix Racing17th/11th
24.6.2018GT4 Misano4Rödig / ZöchlingPhoenix Racing24th/DNF
24.6.2018GT4 Misano5Dontje / Moller MadsenPhoenix Racing25th/4th
24.6.2018GT4 Misano6Jasper / ViebahnPhoenix Racing34th/35th
24.6.2018GT4 Misano16Lungstrass / OwegaRacing One3rd/10th
24.6.2018GT4 Misano77Zamparini / MórRacing One4th/15th
1.7.2018GT4 Central Cup Nürburgring3Rdest / TunjoPhoenix Racing2nd/1st
1.7.2018GT4 Central Cup Nürburgring4Rödig / JasperPhoenix Racing3rd/8th
15.7.2018FFSA GT4 Dijon5Hamon / MartinsSainteloc Racing12th/7th
15.7.2018FFSA GT4 Dijon10Diaz-Varela / CerquedaBaporo Motorsport28th/30th
15.7.2018FFSA GT4 Dijon21Sainteloc RacingDNF/DNS
15.7.2018FFSA GT4 Dijon40Hernandez / GachetSainteloc Racing21st/16th
15.7.2018FFSA GT4 Dijon42Michal / GuilvertSainteloc Racing2nd/3rd
15.7.2018FFSA GT4 Dijon48Pernaut / MarieOrhes Racing19th/23rd
22.7.2018GT4 Spa3Rdest / FreiburghausPhoenix RacingDNS
22.7.2018GT4 Spa4Rödig / ZöchlingPhoenix RacingDNA
22.7.2018GT4 Spa5Dontje / Moller MadsenPhoenix Racing1st/DNF
22.7.2018GT4 Spa6Jasper / ViebahnPhoenix Racing33rd/DNF
22.7.2018GT4 Spa16Lungstrass / OwegaRacing One10th/31st
22.7.2018GT4 Spa77Zamparini / MórRacing One18th/32nd
2.9.2018GT4 Hungaroring3Freiburghaus / RdestPhoenix Racing27th/18th
2.9.2018GT4 Hungaroring5Moller Madsen / DontjePhoenix Racing11th/5th
2.9.2018GT4 Hungaroring6Viebahn / JasperPhoenix RacingDNS
2.9.2018GT4 Hungaroring16Owega / GuedesRacing One19th/36th
2.9.2018GT4 Hungaroring77Szymkowiak / LungstrassRacing One6th/9th
9.9.2018FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours5Hamon / MartinsSainteloc Racing4th/3rd
9.9.2018FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours10Diaz-Varela / CerquedaBaporo MotorsportDNF/27th
9.9.2018FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours21Estèves / BeltoiseSainteloc Racing24th/31st
9.9.2018FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours42Michal / GuilvertSainteloc Racing1st/2nd
9.9.2018FFSA GT4 Magny-Cours48Marie / PernautOrhes Racing22nd/DNF
16.9.2018GT4 Nürburgring3Rdest / FreiburghausPhoenix Racing29th/DNF
16.9.2018GT4 Nürburgring5Dontje / Moller MadsenPhoenix Racing8th/5th
16.9.2018GT4 Nürburgring6Viebahn / JasperPhoenix Racing27th/10th
16.9.2018GT4 Nürburgring16C'Rock / StrohschänkRacing One33rd/36th
16.9.2018GT4 Nürburgring77Lungstrass / SzymkowiakRacing One10th/6th
16.9.2018GT4 Nürburgring100Jaspers / DetryJac Motors32nd/27th
30.9.2018FFSA GT4 Barcelona5 #WUAGT44S6J7940050Hamon / MartinsSainteloc Racing23rd/4th
30.9.2018FFSA GT4 Barcelona10Diaz-Varela / CerquedaBaporo Motorsport24th/20th
30.9.2018FFSA GT4 Barcelona21 #WUAGT44S0J7940030Estèves / BeltoiseSainteloc Racing12th/18th
30.9.2018FFSA GT4 Barcelona42 #WUAGT44S2J794E002Michal / GuilvertSainteloc Racing1st/1st
30.9.2018FFSA GT4 Barcelona48Pernaut / MarieOrhes Racing15th/14th
14.10.2018FFSA GT4 Paul Ricard5Hamon / MartinsSainteloc Racing10th/7th
14.10.2018FFSA GT4 Paul Ricard10 #WUAGT44S7J794E001Cerqueda / Diaz-VarelaBaporo Motorsport23rd/34th
14.10.2018FFSA GT4 Paul Ricard21Estèves / BeltoiseSainteloc Racing20th/35th
14.10.2018FFSA GT4 Paul Ricard40Bottemanne / BottemanneSainteloc Racing26th/25th
14.10.2018FFSA GT4 Paul Ricard42 #WUAGT44S2J794E002Michal / GuilvertSainteloc RacingDNF/6th
14.10.2018FFSA GT4 Paul Ricard48 #WUAGT44S7J7940042Pernaut / MarieOrhes Racing29th/22nd
28.10.20188 h California2Sofronas / Bell / DavisGMG Racing28th
28.10.20188 h California91Burke / Burton / BurtonRearden Racing22nd
28.10.20188 h California626Kozarov / Roberts / FaulknerRearden Racing16th
11.11.2018IMSA Encore Sebring22Lally / Sofronas / BellGMG Racing8th
11.11.2018IMSA Encore Sebring93Siegel / GandhiCarBahn Motorsports20th
2.12.2018GT4 International Cup3Rdest / HessePhoenix Racing8th
2.12.2018GT4 International Cup5Moller Madsen / DontjePhoenix Racing2nd
2.12.2018GT4 International Cup41Blanchemain / PaletteSainteloc Junior Team10th
2.12.2018GT4 International Cup42 #WUAGT44S2J794E002Michal / GuilvertSainteloc Junior TeamDNF

Year: 2019

3.3.2019GT4 America Austin [SprintX]2Bell / UdellGMG Racing5th/29th
3.3.2019GT4 America Austin [SprintX]33Pilgrim / PolandDoghouse PerformanceDNF/14th
3.3.2019GT4 America Austin [SprintX]43Cattaneo / TrinklerRearden Racing25th/24th
3.3.2019GT4 America Austin [SprintX]44Palmer / PalmerKelly-Moss/Photon Motorsports24th/20th
3.3.2019GT4 America Austin [SprintX]91Kozarov / BurtonRearden Racing4th/DNF
10.3.2019GT4 America St. Petersburg04C. J. MosesGMG Racing17th/DNF
10.3.2019GT4 America St. Petersburg2Jason BellGMG Racing12th/14th
17.3.2019Australian GT Albert Park16Victor ZagameMPD Steak Kitchen16th
29.3.2019GT4 America Laguna Seca [SprintX]91Kozarov / BurtonRearden Racing3rd/4th
14.4.2019GT4 America Long Beach04C. J. MosesGMG Racing16th
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