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Season: 1972 (Trans-Am)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
730.7.1972Trans-Am Sanair
819.8.1972Trans-Am Road Atlanta [U2L]
917.9.1972Trans-Am Portland [U2L]
1015.10.1972Trans-Am Laguna Seca [U2L]
1128.10.1972Trans-Am Riverside - 2500 cc

Season: 1973 (SCCA Trans-American Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
115.4.1973Road Atlanta 500 Kilometres
25.5.1973Trans-Am Lime Rock
316.6.1973Trans-Am Watkins Glen
415.7.1973Trans-Am Sanair
528.7.1973Trans-Am Road America
619.8.1973Trans-Am Edmonton

Season: 1974 (SCCA Trans-American Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
14.5.1974Trans-Am Lime Rock
213.7.1974Watkins Glen 6 Hours
327.7.1974Trans-Am Road America

Season: 1975 (SCCA Trans-American Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
11.6.1975Trans-Am Pocono
21.6.1975Trans-Am Kent
315.6.1975Trans-Am Portland
429.6.1975Trans-Am Nelson Ledges
512.7.1975Watkins Glen 6 Hours
626.7.1975Trans-Am Road America
77.9.1975Trans-Am Brainerd

Season: 1976 (SCCA Trans-American Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
19.5.1976Trans-Am Pocono
230.5.1976Trans-Am Nelson Ledges
313.6.1976Trans-Am Portland
410.7.19766 h Watkins Glen
524.7.1976Trans-Am Road America
615.8.1976Trans-Am Brainerd
721.8.1976Trans-Am Mosport
85.9.1976Trans-Am Trois-Rivières

Season: 1977 (Trans-Am)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
130.5.1977Trans-Am Kent
25.6.1977Trans-Am Westwood
312.6.1977Trans-Am Portland
426.6.1977Trans-Am Nelson Ledges
59.7.1977Watkins Glen 6 Hours
631.7.1977Trans-Am Hallett
714.8.1977Trans-Am Brainerd
820.8.1977Mosport 6 Hours
93.9.1977Trans-Am Road America - Race I
104.9.1977Trans-Am Road America - Race II
1111.9.1977Trans-Am Mont-Tremblant

Season: 1978 (Trans-Am)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
121.5.1978Trans-Am Sears Point
24.6.1978Trans-Am Westwood
311.6.1978Trans-Am Portland
425.6.1978Trans-Am Mont-Tremblant
58.7.1978Watkins Glen 6 Hours
613.8.1978Trans-Am Brainerd
719.8.1978Trans-Am Mosport
84.9.1978Trans-Am Road America
98.10.1978Trans-Am Laguna Seca
105.11.1978Trans-Am Mexico

Season: 1979 (Trans-Am)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
16.5.1979Trans-Am Mexico
23.6.1979Trans-Am Westwood
310.6.1979Trans-Am Portland
47.7.1979Watkins Glen 6 Hours
521.7.1979Trans-Am Road America
65.8.1979Trans-Am Watkins Glen
719.8.1979Trans-Am Mosport
81.9.1979Trans-Am Trois-Rivières
914.10.1979Trans-Am Laguna Seca

Season: 1980 (CRC-Chemicals Trans-Am Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
11.6.1980Trans-Am Hallet
215.6.1980Trans-Am Portland
35.7.1980Watkins Glen 6 Hours
419.7.1980Trans-Am Road America
510.8.1980Trans-Am Brainerd
623.8.1980Trans-Am Trois-Rivières
77.9.1980Trans-Am Westwood
819.10.1980Trans-Am Laguna Seca
925.10.1980Trans-Am Riverside

Season: 1981 (CRC-Chemicals Trans-Am Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
117.5.1981Trans-Am Charlotte
214.6.1981Trans-Am Portland
34.7.1981Trans-Am Lime Rock
425.7.1981Trans-Am Road America
59.8.1981Trans-Am Brainerd
66.9.1981Trans-Am Trois-Rivières
712.9.1981Trans-Am Mosport
811.10.1981Trans-Am Laguna Seca
925.10.1981Trans-Am Sears Point

Season: 1982 (CRC-Chemicals Trans-Am Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
11982Trans-Am Road Atlanta
26.6.1982Trans-Am Sears Point
313.6.1982Trans-Am Portland
427.6.1982Trans-Am Laguna Seca
54.7.1982Trans-Am Kent
618.7.1982Trans-Am Mid-Ohio
724.7.1982Trans-Am Road America
88.8.1982Trans-Am Brainerd
95.9.1982Trans-Am Trois-Rivières
103.10.1982Trans-Am Sears Point

Season: 1983 (SCCA Budweiser Trans-Am Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
11.5.1983Trans-Am Moroso
215.5.1983Trans-Am Summit Point
35.6.1983Trans-Am Sears Point
412.6.1983Trans-Am Portland
526.6.1983Trans-Am Kent
617.7.1983Trans-Am Mid-Ohio
731.7.1983Trans-Am Road America
88.8.1983Trans-Am Brainerd
94.9.1983Trans-Am Trois-Rivières
1018.9.1983Trans-Am Sears Point
1125.9.1983Trans-Am Riverside
128.10.1983Trans-Am Caesars Palace

Season: 1984 (SCCA Budweiser Trans-Am Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
16.5.1984Trans-Am Road Atlanta
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