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Season: 1966 (Trans-American Sedan Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
125.3.1966Sebring 4 Hours
212.6.1966Trans-Am Mid-America
310.7.1966Trans-Am Bryar
431.7.1966Trans-Am Virginia
514.8.1966Marlboro 12 Hours
610.9.1966Green Valley 6 Hours
718.9.1966Riverside 4 Hours

Season: 1967 (Trans-Am)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
13.2.1967Daytona 300 Miles
231.3.1967Sebring 4 Hours
316.4.1967Green Valley 4 Hours
430.5.1967Trans-Am Lime Rock
511.6.1967Trans-Am Mid-Ohio
66.8.1967Trans-Am Bryar 250
712.8.1967Trans-Am Marlboro - Under 2 Litres
712.8.1967Trans-Am Marlboro
827.8.1967Trans-Am Continental Divide
910.9.1967Trans-Am Modesto
1017.9.1967Trans-Am Riverside
111.10.1967Trans-Am Las Vegas
128.10.1967Trans-Am Kent

Season: 1968 (Trans-Am)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
14.2.1968Daytona 24 Hours
222.3.1968Sebring 3 Hours
223.3.1968Sebring 12 Hours
312.5.1968Trans-Am War Bonnet
430.5.1968Trans-Am Lime Rock
516.6.1968Trans-Am Mid-Ohio
623.6.1968Trans-Am Bridgehampton
77.7.1968Trans-Am Meadowdale
821.7.1968Mont-Tremblant 3 Hours
94.8.1968Trans-Am Bryar 250
1011.8.1968Trans-Am Watkins Glen
1125.8.1968Trans-Am Continental Divide
128.9.1968Riverside 250 Miles Trans-Am
136.10.1968Trans-Am Kent

Season: 1969 (Trans-Am)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
111.5.1969Trans-Am Michigan
230.5.1969Trans-Am Lime Rock
38.6.1969Trans-Am Mid-Ohio
422.6.1969Trans-Am Bridgehampton
56.7.1969Trans-Am Donnybrooke
620.7.1969Trans-Am Bryar
73.8.1969Trans-Am St. Jovite
810.8.1969Trans-Am Watkins Glen
924.8.1969Trans-Am Laguna Seca
107.9.1969Trans-Am Kent
1121.9.1969Trans-Am Sears Point
125.10.1969Trans-Am Riverside

Season: 1970 (SCCA Trans-American Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
118.4.1970Trans-Am Laguna Seca - Under 2 Litres
119.4.1970Trans-Am Laguna Seca
29.5.1970Trans-Am Lime Rock
29.5.1970Trans-Am Lime Rock [U2L]
331.5.1970Trans-Am Bryar [U2L]
331.5.1970Trans-Am Bryar
47.6.1970Trans-Am Mid-Ohio - Under 2 Litres
47.6.1970Trans-Am Mid-Ohio
520.6.1970Trans-Am Bridgehampton [U2L]
521.6.1970Trans-Am Bridgehampton
65.7.1970Trans-Am Donnybrooke
65.7.1970Trans-Am Donnybrooke - Under 2 Litres
719.7.1970Trans-Am Road America - Under 2 Litres
719.7.1970Trans-Am Road America
82.8.1970Trans-Am Mont-Tremblant - Under 2 Litre
82.8.1970Trans-Am Mont-Tremblant
916.8.1970Trans-Am Watkins Glen [U2L]
916.8.1970Trans-Am Watkins Glen
1020.9.1970Trans-Am Kent [U2L]
1020.9.1970Trans-Am Kent
114.10.1970Trans-Am Riverside
114.10.1970Trans-Am Riverside - 2000 cc

Season: 1971 (Trans-Am)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
18.5.1971Trans-Am Lime Rock [Two-Five]
18.5.1971Trans-Am Championship Lime Rock
231.5.1971Trans-Am Championship Lime Rock
231.5.1971Trans-Am Bryar [Two-Five]
36.6.1971Trans-Am Championship Mid-Ohio
36.6.1971Trans-Am Mid-Ohio [Two-Five]
420.6.1971Trans-Am Edmonton
420.6.1971Trans-Am Edmonton [Two-Five]
54.7.1971Trans-Am Donnybrooke
54.7.1971Trans-Am Donnybrooke [Two-Five]
617.7.1971Trans-Am Road America - Under 2 Litres
617.7.1971Trans-Am Road America
725.7.1971Trans-Am Olathe [Two-Five]
81.8.1971Trans-Am St. Jovite
915.8.1971Trans-Am Watkins Glen
915.8.1971Trans-Am Watkins Glen - Two Five Challenge
106.9.1971Trans-Am Michigan
113.10.1971Trans-Am Riverside
113.10.1971Trans-Am Riverside - 2500 cc
1216.10.1971Trans-Am Laguna Seca - Under 2.5 Litres

Season: 1972 (Trans-Am)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
16.5.1972Trans-Am Lime Rock
16.5.1972Trans-Am Lime Rock - Two Five Challenge
229.5.1972Trans-Am Bryar - Two Five Challenge
229.5.1972Trans-Am Bryar
34.6.1972Trans-Am Mid-Ohio
34.6.1972Trans-Am Mid-Ohio - Two Five Challenge
417.6.1972Trans-Am Watkins Glen - Two Five Challenge
417.6.1972Trans-Am Watkins Glen
54.7.1972Trans-Am Donnybrooke
54.7.1972Trans-Am Donnybrooke - Two Five Challenge
616.7.1972Trans-Am Road America
616.7.1972Trans-Am Road America - Two Five Challenge
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