Photos of Chassis M64-Rand#

(real number unknown)

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Nürburgring 500 KilometresADAC 500 km Rennen für Automobile bis 1600 auf dem Nürburgring4.9.1968
2020 - Alpine M65 Renault - "Peter Rand"Alpine M65 # - Renault N/AP1.3
"Peter Rand" (F)Closed bodywork
Driven by: "Peter Rand" (F)/Alain Douarche (F)Result: 3rd in P1.3
Colours: darker
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 28/12/2022Photo by courtesy of: Klaus Tweddell and Jim Culp
Nürburgring 1000 KilometresADAC-1000 km-Rennen auf dem Nürburgring1.6.1969
4141 - Alpine M64 Renault - "Peter Rand"Alpine M64 # - Renault L4 N/AP1.6
"Peter Rand" (F)Closed bodywork
Driven by: "Peter Rand" (F)/Alain Douarche (F)Result: did not finish (Starter)
Grid: 51st (10:56.500)
Colours: blue
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 03/11/2005Photo by courtesy of: Martin Roessler