Photos of Chassis SL210/09

Nürburgring 500 KilometresInt. ADAC 500 km Eifelpokalrennen Nürburgring6.9.1970
22 - Lola T210 Ford #SL210/09 - Ecurie EvergreenLola T210 #SL210/09 - Ford Cosworth FVC L4 4v DOHC N/AP2.0
Ecurie Evergreen (GB)Open bodywork
Driven by: Chris Craft (GB)Result: 23rd - did not finish (Engine)
Grid: 3rd (8:23.600)
Colours: dark green
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 30/04/2018Photo by courtesy of: Udo Klinkel Motorsportphotos and H-J Roegler
Coupes du Salon26° Coupes du Salon Internationales4.10.1970
1919 - Lola T210 #SL210/09 - Claude SwietlikLola T210 #SL210/09 - Ford L4 1800 cc N/AGr.6
Claude Swietlik (F)Open bodywork
Driven by: Claude Swietlik (F)Result: did not start (Accident in practice)
Colours: dark
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 06/11/2015Photo by courtesy of: Gérard Rouxel
National Montlhéry [Gr.3/Gr.5/Gr.7]Les Coupes de Vitesse de L'U.S.A.14.5.1972
99 - Lola T212 #SL210/09 - ArchambeaudLola T212 #SL210/09 - N/A
ArchambeaudOpen bodywork
Driven by: Christian Mons (F)Result: 2nd
Colours: dark (+light)
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 31/10/2015Photo by courtesy of: Gérard Rouxel
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37 - Lola B01/60 Judd #001 - Intersport Racing