Photos of "Gianfranco"'s cars

European 2-Litre Championship Brands HatchBritannica 2000, European Championship Race Brands Hatch22.6.1975
4646 - Osella PA3 BMW #031 - Scuderia NordvestOsella PA3 #031 - BMW M12/BMW L4 2000 cc N/AS2.0
Scuderia Nordvest (I)Open bodywork
Driven by: "Gianfranco" (I)Result: did not finish (2:Engine) - Heat 1: 5th ; Heat 2: did not finish (Engine)
Grid: 5th (1:28.600)
Colours: red (+white)
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 09/03/2014Photo by courtesy of: Paul Kooyman and Steve Calvert
Monza 500 KilometresTrofeo Filippo Caracciolo24.4.1977
4242 - Osella PA5 BMW #055 - Danilo Tesini (Torino Corse)Osella PA5 #055 - BMW M12 L4 2000 cc N/AS2.0
Danilo Tesini (Torino Corse) (I)Open bodywork
Driven by: Danilo Tesini (I)/"Gianfranco" (I)Result: 3rd
Grid: 6th (1:49.440)
Colours: red
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 24/09/2012Photo by courtesy of: Luciano Passoni
Vallelunga 6 HoursTrofeo Ignazio Giunti, 6 Ore Vallelunga16.9.1979
33 - Osella PA7 BMW - "Tore"Osella PA7 - BMW M12 L4 S2.0
"Tore" (I)Open bodywork
Driven by: "Tore" (I)/Marco Rocca (I)
listed, never drove:
"Gianfranco" (I)
Result: 5th
Grid: 11th (1:18.450)
Colours: green
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 10/07/2008Photo by courtesy of: Sergio Febbraro
World Sports Prototype Championship DoningtonShell Donington Trophy2.9.1990
4141 - Alba AR20 Buick #001 - Alba FormulaAlba AR20 #001 - Buick V6 4500 cc N/AC1
Alba Formula (I)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Marco Brand (I)/"Gianfranco" (I)Result: did not qualify (Engine)
Grid: (no time)
Colours: white
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 31/03/2003Photo by courtesy of: Jeremy Jackson
FIA Sportscar Championship Estoril13.4.2003
1212 - Promec PJ119 Peugeot #1 - Gianfranco TrombettiPromec PJ119 #1 - Peugeot /Sodemo 3200 cc TurboSR1
Gianfranco Trombetti (I)Open bodywork
Driven by: Alex Caffi (I)/"Gianfranco" (I)
listed, never drove:
Gabriele Lancieri (I)
Result: 9th - did not finish (Engine)
Grid: 5th (1:55.907)
Colours: yellow (+black)
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 02/06/2003Photo by courtesy of: Nuno & Hugo Pereira Estoril Race Photos
FIA Sportscar Championship Monza44° Gran Premio Lotteria di Monza29.6.2003
1212 - Promec PJ119 Peugeot #1 - "Gianfranco"Promec PJ119 #1 - Peugeot /Sodemo 3200 cc TurboSR1
"Gianfranco" (I)Open bodywork
Driven by: Alex Caffi (I)/"Gianfranco" (I)Result: did not finish (Suspension)
Grid: 9th (1:47.048)
Colours: yellow (+dark blue)
Tyres: Goodyear
Photo updated: 02/09/2017Photo by courtesy of: Dino Cilloni
Vallelunga 6 Hours6 Ore di Vallelunga, Gold Cup19.11.2006
22 - Promec PJ193 - Promec EngineeringPromec PJ193 # - LMP900
Promec EngineeringOpen bodywork
Driven by: "Gianfranco" (I)/Fabio Francia (I)/Alex Caffi (I)Result: did not finish
Grid: 5th (1:33.011)
Colours: unknown
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 02/02/2009Photo by courtesy of: Sergio Febbraro
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