Photos of Tryggve Gronvall's cars

Spa 1000 Kilometres1000 km Spa1.9.1985
9797 - Strandell 85 Porsche (TOJ) - Strandell MotorsStrandell 85 # (TOJ) - Porsche Group B F6 3300 cc TurboC2
Strandell Motors (S)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Anders Olofsson (S)/Tryggve Gronvall (S)
listed, never drove:
Stanley Dickens (S)
Result: did not finish (Gearbox)
Grid: 23rd (2:28.000)
Colours: white (+yellow/blue)
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 25/04/2006Photo by courtesy of: Norbert Vogel, Paul Kooyman and Philippe Moriniere
Silverstone 1000 KilometresAutoglass 1000 kms10.5.1987
199199 - Tiga GC286 Ford Turbo #335 - Roy Baker RacingTiga GC286 #335 - Ford Cosworth BDT-E L4 4v DOHC 1700 cc TurboC2
Roy Baker Racing (GB)Closed bodywork
Driven by: John Sheldon (GB)/Robert Peters (CDN)
Tryggve Gronvall (S); listed, never drove: Slim Borgudd (S), Mike Kimpton (GB)
Result: not classified
Grid: 26th (1:40.540) - 30th fastest qualifier
Colours: white/red
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 31/03/2003Photo by courtesy of: Jeremy Jackson
Le Mans 24 Hours24 Heures du Mans14.6.1987
171171 - Tiga GC286 Volvo Turbo #335 - CEE Sport RacingTiga GC286 #335 - Volvo L4 2300 cc Twin-TurboC2
CEE Sport RacingClosed bodywork
Driven by: Slim Borgudd (S)/Tryggve Gronvall (S)/Andrew Ratcliffe (GB)Result: did not qualify
Grid: 49th (4:45.410)
Colours: white
Tyres: Avon
Photo updated: 07/12/2005Photo by courtesy of: Serge Cailler