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Year: 1964

26.9.1964GP Canada Mosport2Ferrari 275 PIn entry list onlyNorth American Racing Team4th
11.10.19641000 km Paris1Ferrari 250 GTORodriguez / SchlesserNorth American Racing Team2nd
29.11.1964Nassau TT11Ferrari 250 GTOPedro RodriguezNorth American Racing Team6th
29.11.1964Preliminary Nassau TT [GT+2.0]11Ferrari 250 GTOPedro RodriguezNorth American Racing Team7th
4.12.1964Governor's Trophy10Ferrari 330 PPedro RodriguezNorth American Racing Team4th
6.12.1964Nassau Trophy10Ferrari 330 PPedro RodriguezNorth American Racing Team3rd

Year: 1965

28.2.19652000 km Daytona77Ferrari 330 P2Surtees / RodriguezNorth American Racing TeamDNF
28.2.19652000 km Daytona99Ferrari 275 PGrossman / Piper / Hansgen / RodriguezNorth American Racing TeamDNF
27.3.196512 h Sebring30Ferrari 330 PRodriguez / HillMecom Racing Team (Ferrari Owners Racing Association)37th
20.6.196524 h Le Mans18Ferrari 365 P2Rodriguez / VaccarellaNorth American Racing Team7th
4.7.196512 h Reims3Ferrari 365 P2Rodriguez / GuichetNorth American Racing Team1st
19.9.1965500 km Bridgehampton20Ferrari 365 P2Pedro RodriguezNorth American Racing Team2nd
25.9.1965GP Canada Mosport10Ferrari 365 P2Pedro RodriguezNorth American Racing Team3rd

Year: 1966

6.2.196624 h Daytona21Ferrari 365 P2Rodriguez / AndrettiNorth American Racing Team4th
13.2.1966SCCA Regional Green Valley [CM+DM+EM+FM+AP+BP]7Shelby GT350Pedro RodriguezGene Hamon Ford?th
26.3.196612 h Sebring26Ferrari 365 P2Rodriguez / AndrettiNorth American Racing TeamDNF
5.6.19661000 km Nürburgring12Ferrari Dino 206 SRodriguez / GintherFerrari s.p.a.3rd
19.6.196624 h Le Mans27Ferrari 330 P3Rodriguez / GintherNorth American Racing TeamDNF
18.9.1966Can-Am Bridgehampton3Ferrari Dino 206 SPedro RodriguezNorth American Racing TeamDNF
16.10.1966Can-Am Laguna Seca21Ferrari Dino 206 SPedro RodriguezNorth American Racing Team18th
30.10.1966Can-Am Riverside24Ferrari Dino 206 SPedro RodriguezModern Classic MotorsDNQ
2.12.1966Governor's Trophy & Nassau TT4Ferrari 275 GTBPedro RodriguezPedro Rodriguez7th
4.12.1966Nassau Trophy5Ferrari Dino 206 SPedro RodriguezBill Harrah7th

Year: 1967

5.2.196724 h Daytona26Ferrari 412 PRodriguez / GuichetNorth American Racing Team3rd
1.4.196712 h Sebring26Ferrari 412 PPedro RodriguezNorth American Racing TeamDNA
1.4.196712 h Sebring32Ferrari Dino 206 SRodriguez / GuichetScuderia AmbroeusDNF
25.4.19671000 km Monza9Ferrari 412 PRodriguez / GuichetN.A.R.T.DNF
11.6.196724 h Le Mans25Ferrari 412 PRodriguez / BaghettiNorth American Racing TeamDNF
25.6.196712 h Reims28Ferrari Dino 206 SRodriguez / GuichetNorth American Racing TeamDNF
30.7.19676 h Brands Hatch3Mirage M1Rodriguez / ThompsonJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF

Year: 1968

4.2.196824 h Daytona80Ferrari Dino 206 SRodriguez / KolbN.A.R.T.-Harrah RacingDNF
23.3.196812 h Sebring2Chevrolet CorvetteRodriguez / YenkoSunray DX Oil CompanyDNF
7.4.19686 h Brands Hatch9Ferrari 250 LMRodriguez / PierpointDavid Piper5th
19.5.19681000 km Nürburgring8Ford F3LIrwin / RodriguezAlan Mann Racing Ltd.DNS
11.8.1968GP Swerige10Lola T70Pedro RodriguezEquire BonnierDNF
1.9.1968Can-Am Road America22Ferrari 330 P4Pedro RodriguezNorth American Racing Team13th
15.9.1968Can-Am Bridgehampton22Ferrari 330 P4Pedro RodriguezNorth American Racing TeamDNF
29.9.196824 h Le Mans9Ford GT40Rodriguez / BianchiJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.1st
23.11.1968200 mile Fuji Can-Am11Lola T160Pedro RodriguezTeam YasudaDNF

Year: 1969

22.3.196912 h Sebring26Ferrari 250 PRodriguez / ParsonsN.A.R.T.47th
13.4.19696 h Brands Hatch2Lola T70In entry list onlyDavid Piper17th
13.4.19696 h Brands Hatch60Ferrari 312 PAmon / RodriguezFerrari S.p.A. Sefac4th
25.4.19691000 km Monza2Ferrari 312 PRodriguez / SchettySpA Ferrari SEFACDNF
11.5.19691000 km Spa8Ferrari 312 PRodriguez / PiperSpa Ferrari SEFAC2nd
1.6.19691000 km Nürburgring7Ferrari 312 PAmon / RodriguezFerrari S.p.A., SEFACDNF
15.6.196924 h Le Mans18Ferrari 312 PRodriguez / PiperS.E.F.A.C. FerrariDNF
12.7.19696 h Watkins Glen9Matra MS650Servoz-Gavin / RodriguezMatra of France4th
13.7.1969Can-Am Watkins Glen40Matra MS630Pedro RodriguezMatra of France10th
10.8.19691000 km Zeltweg42Matra MS650Servoz-Gavin / RodriguezEcurie Matra ElfDNF
14.9.1969Can-Am Bridgehampton12Ferrari 312 PPedro RodriguezNorth American Racing Team5th
28.9.1969Can-Am Michigan12Ferrari 312 PPedro RodriguezNorth American Racing TeamDNA
10.10.1969GP JapanShadow Rodriguez / HarrisonDNA
12.10.19691000 km Paris9Matra MS630Rodriguez / RedmanEquipe Matra Elf2nd
9.11.1969Can-Am Texas12Ferrari 312 PPedro RodriguezNorth American Racing TeamDNA

Year: 1970

1.2.197024 h Daytona2Porsche 917Rodriguez / Kinnunen / RedmanJ. W. Engineering1st
1.2.197024 h DaytonaTPorsche 917Rodriguez / Kinnunen / SiffertJ. W. EngineeringT-car
7.3.1970GP South Africa20BRM P153Pedro RodriguezOwen Racing Organisation9th
21.3.197012 h Sebring15Porsche 917Rodriguez / Kinnunen / SiffertJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.4th
12.4.19701000 km Brands Hatch10Porsche 917Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.1st
12.4.1970Le Mans Test21Porsche 917In entry list onlyJ. W. Automotive Engineering15th
19.4.1970GP Spain10BRM P153Pedro RodriguezOwen Racing OrganisationDNF
25.4.19701000 km Monza7Porsche 917Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. Automotive Engineering1st
26.4.1970International Trophy10BRM P153Pedro RodriguezYardley Team B.R.M.DNA
3.5.1970Targa Florio40Porsche 908/03Kinnunen / RodriguezJ. W. Automotive Engineering2nd
3.5.1970Targa Florio40TPorsche 908/03Kinnunen / RodriguezJ. W. Automotive EngineeringT-car
10.5.1970GP Monaco17BRM P153Pedro RodriguezYardley Team BRM6th
17.5.19701000 km Spa25Porsche 917Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNF
17.5.19701000 km Spa25TPorsche 917Siffert / Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. Automotive EngineeringT-car
31.5.19701000 km Nürburgring21Porsche 908/03Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
31.5.19701000 km Nürburgring51Porsche 917Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNA
7.6.1970GP Belgium1BRM P153Pedro RodriguezYardley Team BRM1st
14.6.197024 h Le Mans21Porsche 917Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
21.6.1970GP Netherlands1BRM P153Pedro RodriguezYardley Team BRM10th
21.6.1970GP Netherlands1TBRM P153Pedro RodriguezYardley Team BRMT-car
28.6.1970Interserie Norisring44Porsche 908/02Pedro RodriguezSports Cars Broström3rd
5.7.1970GP France3BRM P153Pedro RodriguezYardley Team BRMDNF
11.7.19706 h Watkins Glen2Porsche 917Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. Automotive Engineering, Ltd.1st
11.7.19706 h Watkins Glen6Porsche 917Siffert / Kinnunen / RodriguezJ. W. Automotive EngineeringT-car
12.7.1970Can-Am Watkins Glen2Porsche 917Pedro RodriguezJ. W. Automotive Engineering, Ltd.DNF
19.7.1970GP Great Britain22BRM P153Pedro RodriguezBritish Racing MotorsDNF
2.8.1970GP Germany6BRM P153Pedro RodriguezYardley Team BRMDNF
2.8.1970GP Germany6TBRM P153Pedro RodriguezYardley Team BRMT-car
16.8.1970GP Austria17BRM P153Pedro RodriguezTeam Yardley-BRM4th
16.8.1970GP Austria31BRM P153Pedro RodriguezTeam Yardley-BRMT-car
23.8.1970Can-Am Mid-Ohio20Ferrari 512 SPedro RodriguezNorth American Racing Team11th
30.8.1970Can-Am Road America20Ferrari 512 SPedro RodriguezNART7th
6.9.1970GP Italy10BRM P153Pedro RodriguezYardley Team BRMDNF
6.9.1970GP Italy10TBRM P153Pedro RodriguezYardley Team BRMT-car
13.9.1970500 km Imola2Porsche 917Pedro RodriguezJ. W. AutomotiveDNF
20.9.1970GP Canada14BRM P153Pedro RodriguezBritish Racing Motors4th
20.9.1970GP Canada17BRM P153Rodriguez / OliverBritish Racing MotorsT-car
27.9.1970Can-Am Donnybrooke1BRM P154Pedro RodriguezCastrol Team BRM9th
4.10.1970GP United States19BRM P153Pedro RodriguezYardley Team BRM2nd
11.10.19701000 km Zeltweg22Porsche 917Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. AutomotiveDNF
11.10.19701000 km ZeltwegTPorsche 917Siffert / Kinnunen / RodriguezJ. W. AutomotiveT-car
18.10.1970Can-Am Laguna Seca1BRM P154Pedro RodriguezCastrol Team BRM5th
25.10.1970GP Mexico19BRM P153Pedro RodriguezYardley Team BRM6th
1.11.1970Can-Am Riverside1BRM P154Pedro RodriguezBritish Racing Motors3rd

Year: 1971

10.1.19711000 km Buenos Aires32Porsche 917Rodriguez / OliverJ. W. Automotive2nd
31.1.197124 h Daytona2Porsche 917Rodriguez / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering1st
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