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All Results of Mirage

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Year: 1964

12.12.1964SA SCC Kyalami GP61Mark ISteve MelletJ. S. MelletDNA

Year: 1965

1.1.1965SA SCC East London45Mark ISteve MelletJ. S. MelletDNA
13.1.19653 h Roy HeskethMark ISteve Mellet2nd
20.6.1965SA SCC Roy HeskethMark ISteve Mellet3rd
25.7.1965Lourenço Marques [Sports]Mark ISteve Mellet2nd
7.8.1965SA SCC Kyalami RWTMark ISteve Mellet3rd
10.10.1965200 mile Kent102Jack NethercuttDNA
31.10.1965200 mile Riverside102Jack NethercuttJack NethercuttDNA
3.12.1965Governor's Trophy102Jack Nethercutt46th
4.12.1965SA SCC Kyalami GP81Mark IISteve MelletJ. S. MelletDNA
5.12.1965Nassau Trophy102Jack Nethercutt26th
27.12.19653 h Roy HeskethMark IISteve MelletDNF

Year: 1966

1.1.1966East London [T/GT+1.6]81Mark IISteve MelletJ. S. MelletDNA
1.1.1966GP East London81Mark IISteve MelletJ. S. MelletDNA
8.1.1966Killarney81Mark IISteve Melletraced
5.3.1966SA SCC Kyalami RATMark IISteve Mellet3rd
28.5.1966SA SCC KyalamiMark IISteve Mellet?th
24.7.1966Lourenço MarquesMark IISteve MelletDNF
6.8.1966SA SCC Kyalami RWTMark IISteve Mellet?th
21.8.1966SA SCC Roy HeskethMark IISteve Mellet1st
3.9.1966SA SCC KillarneyMark IISteve Mellet1st
9.10.1966200 mile Kent102Mark I ARichie GintherJack NethercuttDNA
16.10.1966Can-Am Laguna Seca2Mark I AScooter PatrickJack Nethercutt35th
30.10.1966Can-Am Riverside2Mark I ARichie GintherJack NethercuttDNQ
13.11.1966Can-Am Las Vegas2Mark I AScooter PatrickJack NethercuttDNF
4.12.1966GP RhodesiaMark IISteve MelletDNF
27.12.19663 h Roy Hesketh1Mark IISteve MelletTeam ProteriaDNA

Year: 1967

27.3.1967SA SCC Roy HeskethMark IISteve MelletDNF
9.4.1967Le Mans Test12M1Attwood / PiperJ. W. Automotive Engineering6th
9.4.1967Le Mans Test14M1David PiperJ. W. Automotive Engineering32nd
25.4.19671000 km Monza5M1Piper / ThompsonJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.9th
25.4.19671000 km Monza6M1Ickx / ReesJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
1.5.19671000 km Spa6M1Ickx / ThompsonJ. W. Automotive1st
1.5.19671000 km Spa7M1Piper / ThompsonJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNF
28.5.19671000 km Nürburgring5M1Piper / ThompsonJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNS
28.5.19671000 km Nürburgring6M1Ickx / AttwoodJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNF
11.6.196724 h Le Mans14M1Piper / ThompsonJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNF
11.6.196724 h Le Mans15M1Ickx / MuirJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNF
23.7.1967Lourenço MarquesMark IISteve MelletDNF
30.7.19676 h Brands Hatch3M1Rodriguez / ThompsonJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
13.8.1967GP Swerige1M1Jacky IckxJ. W. Automotive E., Ltd.1st
13.8.1967GP Swerige2M1Jo BonnierJ. W. Automotive E., Ltd.2nd
17.9.1967Can-Am Bridgehampton10Mark I BScooter PatrickJack NethercuttDNF
23.9.1967Can-Am Mosport10Mark I BScooter PatrickJack NethercuttDNS
24.9.1967Stockholmsloppet1M1Paul HawkinsJW Automotive Engineering Ltd.2nd
24.9.1967Stockholmsloppet2M1Jo BonnierJW Automotive Engineering Ltd.1st
15.10.19671000 km Paris3M1Ickx / HawkinsJ. W. Automotive1st
15.10.1967Can-Am Laguna Seca10Mark I BScooter PatrickJack NethercuttDNS
29.10.1967Can-Am Riverside10Mark I BScooter PatrickJack NethercuttDNS
4.11.19679 h Kyalami4M1Ickx / RedmanJ. W. Automotive Engineering1st
12.11.1967Can-Am Las Vegas10Mark I BScooter PatrickJack NethercuttDNA
16.12.19673 h Lourenço MarquesMark IISteve MelletDNF

Year: 1968

1.1.1968STP Kyalami81Mark IISteve MelletSteve MelletDNA
9.11.19689 h Kyalami1M1Ickx / HobbsJ. W. Automotive Engineering1st
23.11.19683 h Cape Town2M1Hobbs / HailwoodTeam Malcolm Guthrie Racing2nd
1.12.1968GP Rhodesia [Unlimites Sports]86M1Malcolm GuthrieTeam Malcolm Guthrie Racing3rd
8.12.19683 h Lourenço Marques1M1Hailwood / GuthrieTeam Malcolm Guthrie Racing1st
26.12.19683 h Roy Hesketh1M1Hailwood / GuthrieTeam Malcolm Guthrie Racing3rd

Year: 1969

4.1.1969500 km East LondonM1Guthrie / HailwoodTeam Malcolm Guthrie RacingDNS
13.4.19696 h Brands Hatch51M2Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
13.4.19696 h Brands Hatch52M2Hobbs / HailwoodJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNA
25.4.19691000 km Monza12M2Hobbs / HailwoodJ. W. Automotive/Gulf RacingDNA
25.4.19691000 km Monza14M2Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive/Gulf RacingDNA
11.5.19691000 km Spa1M2Ickx / OliverJ. W. AutomotiveDNF
11.5.19691000 km Spa2M2Hobbs / HailwoodJ. W. Automotive7th
1.6.19691000 km Nürburgring8M2Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
1.6.19691000 km Nürburgring9M2Hobbs / HailwoodJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
29.6.1969200 mile Norisring6M1Mike HailwoodTeam Malcolm Guthrie RacingDNF
12.7.19696 h Watkins Glen5M3Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNF
12.7.19696 h Watkins Glen6M2Hobbs / HailwoodJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNA
13.7.1969Solituderennen Hockenheim2M1Edward NelsonMalcolm Guthrie Racing?th
10.8.19691000 km Zeltweg9M3Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Ltd,DNF
14.9.1969500 km Imola4M3Jacky IckxJ.W. Automotive Engineering1st
8.11.19699 h Kyalami3M1Gethin / HailwoodMalcolm Guthrie RacingDNF
22.11.19693 h Cape Town3M1Gethin / HailwoodTeam Malcolm Guthrie RacingDNF
5.12.19693 h Lourenço Marques3M1Richard AttwoodTeam Malcolm Guthrie Racing3rd
13.12.19693 h Bulawayo3M1Hailwood / GuthrieTeam Malcolm Guthrie RacingDNS
27.12.19693 h Roy Hesketh3M1Hailwood / GuthrieTeam Malcolm Guthrie RacingNC

Year: 1972

25.3.197212 h Sebring7M6Bell / van LennepGulf Research Racing CompanyDNF
16.4.19721000 km Brands Hatch5M6Bell / van LennepGulf Research Racing CompanyNC
7.5.19721000 km Spa7M6Bell / van LennepGulf Research4th
28.5.19721000 km Nürburgring8M6Bell / van LennepGulf Racing Research Co.4th
11.6.197224 h Le MansM6Gijs van LennepGulf Research Racing CompanyDNA
11.6.197224 h Le MansM6Derek BellGulf Research Racing CompanyDNA
25.6.19721000 km Zeltweg7M6Bell / van LennepGulf Research Racing CompanyDNF
25.6.19721000 km Zeltweg7TM6Tony AdamowiczGulf Research Racing CompanyT-car
22.7.19726 h Watkins Glen10M6Bell / PaceGulf Racing Research Co.3rd
22.7.19726 h Watkins Glen20M6van Lennep / AdamowiczGulf Racing Research Co.DNF

Year: 1973

4.2.197324 h Daytona1M6Bell / GanleyGulf RacingDNF
4.2.197324 h Daytona2M6Hailwood / WatsonGulf RacingDNF
4.2.197324 h DaytonaTM6Bell / GanleyGulf RacingT-car
25.3.19736 h Vallelunga6M6Bell / GanleyGulf RacingDNF
25.3.19736 h Vallelunga7M6Hailwood / SchuppanGulf RacingDNF
1.4.1973Le Mans Test51M6 CoupeDerek BellGulf Research Racing3rd
1.4.1973Le Mans Test52M6Howden GanleyGulf Research Racing2nd
15.4.19731000 km Dijon5M6Hailwood / SchuppanGulf Racing5th
15.4.19731000 km Dijon6M6Bell / GanleyGulf RacingDNF
25.4.19731000 km Monza4M6Bell / GanleyGulf RacingDNF
25.4.19731000 km Monza5M6Hailwood / Schuppan / BellGulf RacingDNF
6.5.19731000 km Spa5M6Bell / HailwoodGulf Research1st
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