Photos of Roger Carmillet's cars

Coupes du Salon26° Coupes du Salon Internationales4.10.1970
1515 - Alpine A110 - A.G.A.C.I.Alpine A110 # - 1500 cc N/AGr.6
A.G.A.C.I.Closed bodywork
Driven by: Roger Carmillet (F)Result: started, result unknown
Colours: darker
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 06/11/2015Photo by courtesy of: Gérard Rouxel
Le Mans 24 Hours24 Heures du Mans10.6.1979
2727 - Chevron B36 ROC #78-ROC-01 - Racing Organisation CourseChevron B36 #78-ROC-01 - ROC Chrysler-Simca L4 1994 cc N/AS2.0
Racing Organisation Course (F)Open bodywork
Driven by: /Florian Vetsch (CH)/Marc Sourd (F)/Roger Carmillet (F)
listed, never drove:
Jacques Henry (F), Albert Dufréne (F), Michel Dubois (F), Laurent Ferrier (F), Bruno Chambas (F)
Result: did not finish (Accident)
Grid: 29th (4:01.320) - 30th fastest qualifier
Colours: yellow/green/white
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 02/10/2004Photo by courtesy of: Peter Lowes
Le Mans 24 Hours24 Heures du Mans15.6.1980
9393 - Porsche 911 SC - Thierry PerrierPorsche 911 SC # - Porsche F6 2v SOHC N/AGT
Thierry Perrier (F)Closed bodywork
Driven by: Thierry Perrier (F)/Roger Carmillet (F)Result: 16th 1st in GT
Grid: 54th (4:37.600) - 51st fastest qualifier
Colours: red/dark blue
Tyres: Kléber
Photo updated: 04/12/2022Photo by courtesy of: Paul Kooyman and Michel Guilloux
Random Photo
01 - Cadillac DPi-V.R (Dallara) - Cadillac Chip Ganassi Racing