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Year: 1964

20.9.1964Tour de France38Ford Cortina LotusElford / Seigle-MorrisFord11th

Year: 1965

15.8.1965500 km Snetterton34Ford AngliaGoodwin / ElfordGoodwin Engineering Racing Division20th
5.9.1965500 km Nürburgring61Ford AngliaIn entry list onlyTony Goodwin36th

Year: 1967

14.5.1967Targa Florio166Porsche 910Elford / NeerpaschPorsche System Engineering3rd
28.5.19671000 km Nürburgring18Porsche 910Neerpasch / ElfordPorsche System Engineering3rd
28.5.19671000 km NürburgringTPorsche 910Schütz / Buzzetta / Hawkins / Koch / Neerpasch / Elford / Mitter / Bianchi / StommelenPorsche System EngineeringT-car
11.6.196724 h Le Mans37Porsche 906Elford / PonPorsche System Enginnering7th
11.6.196724 h Le Mans43Porsche 911 SIn entry list only"Franc"DNF
25.6.196712 h Reims36Porsche 906Elford / BradleyMidland Racing Partnership6th
23.7.1967GP Mugello30Porsche 911 Rvan Lennep / ElfordPorsche System3rd
30.7.19676 h Brands Hatch24Porsche 910Elford / BianchiPorsche System Engineering Ltd.DNF
30.7.19676 h Brands HatchTPorsche 910Vic ElfordPorsche System EngineeringT-car
13.8.1967Wills Trophy Croft10Porsche 910Vic ElfordPorsche System Engineering2nd
15.10.19671000 km Paris22Porsche 906Bradley / ElfordDNF

Year: 1968

4.2.196824 h Daytona54Porsche 907Elford / Neerpasch / Stommelen / Siffert / HerrmannPorsche Works Team1st
23.3.196812 h Sebring50Porsche 907In entry list onlyPorsche Automobile Co.DNF
23.3.196812 h Sebring51Porsche 907Elford / NeerpaschPorsche Automobile Co.2nd
7.4.19686 h Brands Hatch36Porsche 907Elford / NeerpaschPorsche System Engineering Limited3rd
12.4.1968500 km Snetterton76Porsche 911Vic ElfordBill BradleyDNF
25.4.19681000 km Monza16Porsche 910Elford / BradleyWilliam Bradley Racing Team9th
5.5.1968Targa Florio224Porsche 907Elford / MaglioliPorsche System Engineering1st
5.5.1968Targa Florio230TPorsche 907Scarfiotti / Mitter / *ElfordPorsche System Engineering49th
19.5.19681000 km Nürburgring2Porsche 908Siffert / ElfordPorsche1st
19.5.19681000 km Nürburgring4Porsche 907In entry list onlyPorsche4th
26.5.19681000 km Spa4Porsche 907In entry list onlyPorsche System Engineering2nd
26.5.19681000 km Spa6Porsche 908Elford / NeerpaschPorsche System EngineeringDNF
26.5.19681000 km SpaTPorsche 908Vic ElfordPorsche System EngineeringT-car
30.6.1968200 mile Norisring25Porsche 910Vic ElfordBill Bradley17th
7.7.19686 h Nürburgring18Porsche 911 LIn entry list onlyBill BradleyDNF
14.7.19686 h Watkins Glen1Porsche 908Siffert / ElfordPorsche System Engineering, Ltd.DNF
14.7.19686 h Watkins Glen2Porsche 908In entry list onlyPorsche System Engineering, Ltd.6th
21.7.1968Solituderennen Hockenheim [SP]7Porsche 910Vic ElfordBill Bradley4th
28.7.1968GP Mugello6Porsche 910Elford / van LennepBill BradleyDNS
25.8.1968500 km Zeltweg2Porsche 908Vic ElfordPorsche System Engineering Ltd.8th
15.9.1968500 km ImolaPorsche 910Elford / NicodemiDNF
29.9.196824 h Le Mans32Porsche 908Mitter / ElfordPorsche System EngineeringDNF
29.9.196824 h Le Mans33Porsche 908In entry list onlyPorsche System Engineering3rd
13.10.19681000 km Paris14Porsche 908Elford / LinsPorsche System2nd

Year: 1969

2.2.196924 h Daytona52Porsche 908Elford / RedmanPorsche System EngineeringDNF
22.3.196912 h Sebring30Porsche 908/02Elford / AttwoodPorsche System Engineering Ltd.7th
13.4.19696 h Brands Hatch55Porsche 908/02Elford / AttwoodPorsche System Engineering Ltd.2nd
25.4.19691000 km Monza6Porsche 908Elford / AttwoodPorsche System Engineering16th
4.5.1969Targa Florio270Porsche 908/02Elford / MaglioliPorsche System Engineering Ltd.2nd
4.5.1969Targa Florio270TPorsche 908/02Vic ElfordPorsche System Engineering Ltd.T-car
11.5.19691000 km Spa10Porsche 908Elford / Ahrens, Jr.Porsche System Engineering3rd
1.6.19691000 km Nürburgring3Porsche 908/02Elford / Ahrens, Jr.Porsche System Engineering Ltd.T-car
1.6.19691000 km Nürburgring3TPorsche 908/02Elford / Ahrens, Jr.Porsche System Engineering Ltd.3rd
15.6.196924 h Le Mans12Porsche 917Elford / AttwoodPorsche System EngineeringDNF
15.6.196924 h Le Mans64Porsche 908In entry list onlyPorsche System Engineering2nd
29.6.1969200 mile Norisring26Porsche 908/02Vic ElfordTony Dean2nd
12.7.19696 h Watkins Glen4Porsche 908/02Elford / AttwoodA. G. Dean Racing Ltd.2nd
13.7.1969Can-Am Watkins Glen14Porsche 908/02In entry list onlyA. G. Dean Racing Ltd.9th
14.9.1969500 km Imola5Porsche 908/02Elford / HerrmannPorsche Salzburg13th
10.10.1969GP Japan7Toyota 7Elford / TakahashiToyota4th

Year: 1970

1.2.197024 h Daytona3Porsche 917Ahrens, Jr. / ElfordPorsche Konstruktionen KGDNF
21.3.197012 h Sebring16Porsche 917Elford / Ahrens, Jr.Porsche AudiDNF
21.3.197012 h Sebring17Porsche 917In entry list onlyPorsche AudiDNF
12.4.19701000 km Brands Hatch11Porsche 917Elford / HulmePorsche Konstruktionen KG. Salzburg2nd
25.4.19701000 km Monza10Porsche 917Elford / Ahrens, Jr.Porsche Konstrukzion SalzburgDNF
3.5.1970Targa Florio2Porsche 917Herrmann / ElfordPorsche Konstrukt.DNS
3.5.1970Targa Florio20Porsche 908/03Elford / HerrmannPorsche KGDNF
3.5.1970Targa FlorioT1Porsche 909Herrmann / ElfordPorsche SalzburgT-car
3.5.1970Targa FlorioTPorsche 908/03Herrmann / ElfordPorsche SalzburgT-car
17.5.19701000 km Spa28Porsche 917Elford / Ahrens, Jr.Porsche Salzburg3rd
31.5.19701000 km Nürburgring22Porsche 908/03Elford / Ahrens, Jr.Porsche Konstruktionen Salzburg1st
31.5.19701000 km Nürburgring52Porsche 917Ahrens, Jr. / ElfordPorsche Konstruktionen SalzburgDNA
14.6.197024 h Le Mans23Porsche 917Attwood / Herrmann / *ElfordPorsche Konstruktionen K.G.1st
14.6.197024 h Le Mans25Porsche 917Elford / Ahrens, Jr.Porsche Konstruktionen K.G.DNF
28.6.1970Interserie Norisring14McLaren M6BVic ElfordThe Paul Watson Race OrganisationDNF
28.6.1970Interserie NorisringPorsche 917Vic ElfordPorsche SalzburgDNA
5.7.1970Interserie Hockenheim2McLaren M6BElfordPaul Watson Racing1st
11.7.19706 h Watkins Glen31Porsche 917Elford / HulmePorsche Audi Division4th
12.7.1970Can-Am Watkins Glen31Porsche 917Vic ElfordPorsche Audi Division4th
19.7.1970GP Mugello3Chevron B16Vic ElfordEcurie Montjuich Team ChevronDNF
2.8.1970Trans-Am St. Jovite1Chevrolet CamaroVic ElfordChaparral CarsDNF
16.8.1970Trans-Am Watkins Glen1Chevrolet CamaroVic ElfordChaparral Cars1st
16.8.1970Wunstorf [SRP]2McLaren M6BVic ElfordThe Paul Watson Race OrganisationDNA
23.8.1970Can-Am Mid-Ohio1Shadow Mk IVic ElfordAdvanced Vehicle SystemsDNF
30.8.1970Can-Am Road America1Shadow Mk IVic ElfordNichols Advanced Vehicle SystemsDNA
30.8.1970Can-Am Road America32Lola T70Vic ElfordNelli RacingDNF
6.9.1970500 km Nürburgring1Chevron B16 SpyderIn entry list onlyEscuderia Montjuich-Team ChevronDNF
6.9.1970500 km Nürburgring31Chevron B16Vic ElfordEscuderia Montjuich-Team Chevron1st
13.9.1970Can-Am Road Atlanta66Chaparral 2JVic ElfordChaparral Cars Inc.6th
20.9.1970Trans-Am Kent1Chevrolet CamaroVic ElfordChaparral Cars5th
27.9.1970Can-Am Donnybrooke15Ford G7Vic ElfordAgapiou BrothersDNS
27.9.1970Can-Am Donnybrooke27McLaren M6BVic ElfordFrank KahlichDNF
4.10.1970Trans-Am Riverside1Chevrolet CamaroVic ElfordChaparral CarsDNF
11.10.19701000 km Zeltweg21Porsche 917Elford / AttwoodPorsche KG Salzburg4th
11.10.19701000 km ZeltwegTPorsche 917Elford / Attwood / Ahrens, Jr. / MarkoPorsche KG SalzburgT-car
18.10.1970Can-Am Laguna Seca66Chaparral 2JVic ElfordChaparral Cars Inc.DNS
1.11.1970Can-Am Riverside66Chaparral 2JVic ElfordChaparral CarsDNF

Year: 1971

10.1.19711000 km Buenos Aires38Porsche 917Elford / LarrousseMartini International Racing TeamDNF
31.1.197124 h Daytona3Porsche 917In entry list onlyMartini & Rossi Racing TeamDNF
31.1.197124 h Daytona4Porsche 917Elford / van LennepMartini & Rossi Racing TeamDNF
31.1.197124 h DaytonaTPorsche 917Vic ElfordMartini & Rossi Racing TeamT-car
20.3.197112 h Sebring3Porsche 917Elford / LarrousseMartini & Rossi Racing1st
4.4.19711000 km Brands Hatch8Porsche 917Elford / RedmanMartini Rossi Racing TeamDNF
18.4.1971Euro 2L Paul Ricard18Lola T212Vic ElfordScuderia Filipinetti2nd
25.4.19711000 km Monza3Porsche 917Elford / LarrousseMartini International Racing TeamDNF
9.5.19711000 km Spa22Porsche 917Elford / LarrousseMartini TeamDNF
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