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Photo Gallery of Other National

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Year: 2018

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
21.12.2018Interlagos 500 Kilometres23/06/2019
29.4.2018Chinese LMP3 Shanghai06/08/2019

Year: 2017

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
1.10.2017Benelux Spa RF08/02/2019

Year: 2009

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
2.8.2009500 km Interlagos26/04/2018

Year: 2008

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
15.6.2008500 km Interlagos26/04/2018

Year: 1990

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
15.9.1990BRDC C2 Championship Donington07/05/2003
7.5.1990British C2 Championship Thruxton13/04/2007 (06/01/2014)
16.4.1990BRDC C2 Championship Brands Hatch28/05/2005
8.4.1990BRDC C2 Championship Silverstone07/05/2003

Year: 1989

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
29.10.1989Grand Champion Fuji Masters Speed11/12/2016
8.10.1989BRDC C2 Championship Silverstone07/05/2003
27.8.1989GP Danmark22/07/2005 (29/09/2005)
4.6.1989BRDC C2 Championship Silverstone07/05/2003
4.6.1989Grand Champion Fuji Grand Speed13/08/2007
21.5.1989BRDC C2 Championship Donington07/05/2003 (22/05/2012)
7.5.1989BRDC C2 Championship Brands Hatch22/05/2012
9.4.1989BRDC C2 Championship Silverstone07/05/2003 (24/05/2014)

Year: 1988

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
2.10.1988BRDC C2 Championship Silverstone07/05/2003 (02/06/2003)
11.9.1988Thundersports Oulton Park19/02/2019
4.9.1988Fuji Grand Champion Master Speed11/12/2016
21.8.1988BRDC C2 Championship Oulton Park19/02/2019
31.7.1988Australian Sports Car Championship Amaroo Park17/11/2009
5.6.1988BRDC C2 Championship Silverstone07/05/2003
22.5.1988BRDC C2 Championship Donington07/05/2003
4.4.1988Thundersports Brands Hatch11/03/2005
1.4.1988Thundersports Oulton Park28/05/2005 (19/02/2019)
27.3.1988Grand Champion Fuji Super Speed13/08/2007
27.3.1988BRDC C2 Championship Silverstone07/05/2003 (11/03/2005)

Year: 1987

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
5.9.1987Thundersports Oulton Park19/02/2019
25.5.1987Thundersports Donington02/06/2003 (25/04/2006)
17.4.1987Thundersports Oulton Park11/03/2005 (13/11/2009)

Year: 1986

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
21.9.1986Thundersports Oulton Park19/02/2019
25.8.1986Thundersports Birmingham02/06/2003
23.8.1986GP Danmark11/03/2005 (22/07/2005)
13.7.1986Thundersports Brands Hatch13/04/2007

Year: 1985

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
13.10.1985Championnat de France des Circuits Groupe 6 Montlhéry25/10/2015
30.6.1985Australian Sports Car Championship Adelaide28/09/2015
12.5.1985Championnat de France des Circuits Groupe 6 Montlhéry25/10/2015
5.5.1985Australian Sports Car Championship Oran Park17/11/2009
8.4.1985Thundersports Brands Hatch28/05/2005
5.4.1985Thundersports Oulton Park28/05/2005 (13/05/2014)
24.3.1985Australian Sports Car Championship Lakeside13/03/2011

Year: 1984

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
25.11.1984Fuji 500 Miles25/05/2017
29.7.1984All Japan Fuji 1000 Kilometres09/12/2016 (25/05/2017)
22.7.1984Thundersports Brands Hatch29/01/2006 (18/08/2013)
17.6.1984Pergusa - Group 5 and Group 421/08/2012
3.6.1984Fuji 500 Kilometres25/05/2017
28.5.1984Thundersports Brands Hatch28/10/2010
23.4.1984Thundersports Brands Hatch16/08/2004 (14/12/2009)
20.4.1984Thundersports Oulton Park28/05/2005 (19/02/2019)

Year: 1983

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
27.11.1983Hockenheim Finale09/02/2013
27.11.1983Fuji 500 Miles25/05/2017
29.10.1983Hockenheim 3 Hours FRC03/11/2005
25.9.1983Thundersports Brands Hatch16/08/2004 (31/05/2015)
14.8.1983Thundersports Donington19/02/2019
24.7.1983Thundersports Thruxton25/04/2006
3.7.1983Rennsport Trophäe Norisring02/11/2004 (07/07/2012)
25.6.1983Thundersports Oulton Park18/08/2013 (19/02/2019)
5.6.1983Rennsport Trophäe Zolder11/06/2006
30.5.1983Thundersports Brands Hatch16/08/2004
4.4.1983Thundersports Brands Hatch25/04/2006 (22/02/2009)
20.3.1983Rennsport Trophäe Zolder16/05/2015
20.2.1983Australian Sports Car Championship Sandown Park18/09/2018

Year: 1982

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
1.11.1982Campionato Italiano Group 6 Vallelunga10/02/2009
26.9.1982Rennsport Trophäe Nürburgring Supersprint05/07/2016
27.6.1982Rennsport Trophäe Norisring02/11/2004 (03/11/2015)
6.6.1982Deutsche Rennsport Trophäe Wunstorf16/05/2004 (26/07/2013)
6.6.1982Australian GT Championship Oran Park30/08/2019
25.4.1982Rennsport Trophäe Nürburgring Eifelrennen05/07/2016
21.3.1982Rennsport Trophäe Zolder16/05/2004 (26/07/2013)

Year: 1981

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
18.10.1981Campionato Italiano Group 6 Vallelunga10/02/2009 (12/02/2009)
11.10.1981Fuji 250 Kilometres11/12/2016
19.4.1981Pergusa - Group 5 and Group 420/08/2012

Year: 1980

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
14.11.1980Australian Sports Car Championship Calder17/11/2009
28.9.1980M ČSSR Havířov22/11/2004 (13/04/2007)
21.9.1980CI Gr.5 Pergusa20/08/2012
31.8.1980M ČSSR Most22/11/2004 (23/11/2016)
10.8.1980Piešťany International08/02/2019
22.6.1980M ČSSR Ostrava22/11/2004 (22/02/2007)
8.6.1980Pergusa - Group 5 / Classes 1600. 2000 & 3000 cc and Group 4 / Class +2500 cc19/08/2012
10.5.1980M ČSSR Most03/08/2005
6.4.1980500 km Suzuka26/07/2013

Year: 1979

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
7.10.1979M ČSSR Havířov02/01/2005 (03/08/2005)
16.9.1979M ČSSR Ostrava02/01/2005
12.8.1979M ČSSR Most02/01/2005 (08/09/2015)
29.7.1979Fuji 1000 Kilometres13/06/2011
10.6.1979SCCA Regional Mid-Ohio - Classes: BP+CP+AS+BS10/03/2015
27.5.1979M ČSSR Havířov02/01/2005 (03/08/2005)
20.5.1979M ČSSR Most02/01/2005
8.5.1979M ČSSR Ostrava02/01/2005 (13/04/2007)

Year: 1978

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
20.8.1978M ČSSR Most03/08/2005 (13/04/2007)
6.8.1978M ČSSR Piešťany03/08/2005 (08/02/2019)
11.6.1978M ČSSR Ostrava03/08/2005
11.6.1978CI Gr.4 Pergusa19/08/2012
4.6.1978Ronde Cévenole22/04/2014
21.5.1978M ČSSR Havířov03/08/2005 (22/02/2007)
9.5.1978M ČSSR Most28/12/2007 (23/06/2009)

Year: 1977

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
29.10.1977American Road Race of Champions - Class BP01/12/2009
16.10.1977ADAC Trophy Zolder12/07/2017
11.9.1977M ČSSR Havířov03/08/2005
28.8.1977M ČSSR Most03/08/2005
14.8.1977M ČSSR Piešťany03/08/2005
19.6.1977M ČSSR Ostrava03/08/2005 (13/04/2007)
5.6.1977Ronde Cévenole01/06/2016
7.5.1977M ČSSR Most03/08/2005 (13/04/2007)
24.4.1977Pergusa - Group 4 / Classes 1300, 1600 & 2000 cc and Group 2 / 1000, 2000 & 3000 cc19/08/2012

Year: 1976

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
25.9.1976M ČSSR Havířov03/08/2005
29.8.1976Zandvoort International Group 2, 4 and 512/07/2017
29.8.1976M ČSSR Most03/08/2005 (07/09/2017)
15.8.1976M ČSSR Piešťany03/08/2005 (13/04/2007)
8.8.1976Schleiz International03/08/2005 (13/04/2007)
13.6.1976M ČSSR Ostrava03/08/2005 (07/09/2017)
31.5.1976RAC British Championship Oulton Park20/01/2015
23.5.1976Mainz-Finthen [S+1.6]07/07/2012

Year: 1975

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
21.9.1975National Montlhéry04/10/2007
14.9.1975M ČSSR Piešťany03/08/2005
17.8.1975M ČSSR Most03/08/2005 (07/09/2017)
15.6.1975M ČSSR Ostrava03/08/2005 (07/09/2017)
24.5.1975National Montlhéry04/10/2007
11.5.1975M ČSSR Havířov03/08/2005 (08/02/2019)
27.4.1975M ČSSR Most03/08/2005 (08/02/2019)

Year: 1974

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
15.9.1974M ČSSR Piešťany19/04/2019
1.9.1974M ČSSR Most03/08/2005
25.8.1974SCCA Regional Virginia21/06/2013
23.6.1974M ČSSR Ostrava03/08/2005 (07/09/2017)
19.5.1974M ČSSR Havířov03/08/2005
12.5.1974GP Paris31/10/2015
21.4.1974SCCA National Virginia - Classes: AP+BP+CP+AS+BS+ASR+BSR17/11/2003
7.4.1974Nazional Vallelunga - Sports29/06/2014

Year: 1973

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
1973Ronde Cévenole26/01/2015
4.11.1973American Road Race of Champions - Class BP22/09/2009
4.11.1973American Road Race of Champions - Class AP16/10/2011
3.11.1973American Road Race of Champions - Class ASR04/10/2007 (11/06/2013)
21.10.1973Zolder [GT/T]10/11/2009
21.10.1973Sports and GT Race Estoril20/02/2013
7.10.1973M ČSSR Ostrava07/09/2017
16.9.1973M ČSSR Piešťany03/08/2005 (13/04/2007)
26.8.1973Zandvoort [GT/T]08/11/2009
17.8.1973SCCA National Summit Point18/02/2004
5.8.1973Schleiz International03/08/2005
24.6.1973M ČSSR Havířov03/08/2005
27.5.1973Coppa AGIP Monza [GT+1.6]11/06/2007
6.5.1973M ČSSR Most03/08/2005 (08/02/2019)
8.4.1973SCCA National Virginia - Classes: BSR+CSR+CP17/11/2003
8.4.1973SCCA National Virginia - Classes: ASR+AP+BP+AS+BS17/11/2003

Year: 1972

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
1.10.1972M ČSSR Havířov03/08/2005
3.9.1972M ČSSR Most08/02/2019
20.8.1972SCCA Regional Virginia - Classes ASR+BSR+CSR+BP+CP+DP+BS01/07/2014 (15/11/2014)
19.8.1972SCCA Regional Daytona - Classes ASR+BSR+CRS+AP+BP+CP+DP+AS+BS14/12/2013
12.8.1972Motoring News Special GT Oulton Park02/01/2011
6.8.1972Schleiz International03/08/2005
6.8.1972DARM Norisring [GT+1.6]20/04/2015
9.7.1972Cesana-Sestrières Hill Climb16/03/2014
2.7.1972Trento-Bondone Hill Climb16/03/2014
18.6.1972M ČSSR Havířov03/08/2005
14.5.1972National Montlhéry [Gr.3/Gr.5/Gr.7]31/10/2015
3.4.1972South African 6 Hours23/02/2013

Year: 1971

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
28.11.1971Hockenheim Finale30/07/2012
28.11.1971American Road Race of Champions - Classes ASR+BSR15/09/2009
17.10.1971SCCA Regional Laguna Seca [ASR+AP+BP+AS]22/03/2019
17.10.1971SCCA Regional Laguna Seca [BSR+CSR+CP+DP+BS]22/03/2019
4.7.1971Trento-Bondone Hill Climb16/03/2014 (30/03/2014)
9.5.1971National Montlhéry - Groups 3, 5, 6, 713/03/2011
9.5.1971Coupes de Vitesse12/01/2014
2.5.1971National Magny-Cours - Groups 5, 6, 713/03/2011
25.4.1971Sembach - Sports Racing Cars and Prototypes07/07/2012
9.4.1971RAC Sports Car Championship Oulton Park03/04/2015
4.4.1971Hockenheim [GT3.0/T+2.0]07/07/2012
4.4.1971Hockenheim [GT1.6]07/07/2012
28.3.1971Internationaux Challenge Jean Behra16/03/2014
20.3.1971Oulton Park - Sports Cars, Grand Touring and Clubmans02/04/2015

Year: 1970

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
29.11.1970US Champions Road Atlanta - Class CP05/09/2010
4.10.1970National Montlhéry [Gr.3/Gr.4/Gr.5/Gr.6]06/11/2015
27.9.1970Geilenkirchen [GT]10/11/2009
30.8.1970Zolder [GT]10/11/2009
26.7.1970Motoring News GT Championship Mallory Park14/10/2015
21.6.1970Coupes de l'ACIF10/11/2015
31.5.1970Zandvoort Junioren Trophy10/11/2009
25.5.1970Oulton Park30/03/2015
17.5.1970Hillclimb Volterra17/11/2016
9.5.1970M ČSSR Těrlicko03/08/2005
26.4.1970SCCA National Virginia - Classes: ASR+BSR+AP+BP+CP+AS17/11/2003
24.1.1970Endeavour Cup Phillip Island11/06/2006

Year: 1969

DateRaceAdded To Photo Gallery
30.11.1969American Road Race of Champions - Classes: AP+BP13/04/2007 (07/09/2017)
30.11.1969American Road Race of Champions - Classes: ASR+BSR13/04/2007 (06/03/2015)
30.11.1969American Road Race of Champions - Class: GP06/03/2015 (07/09/2017)
30.11.1969American Road Race of Champions - Classes: CSR+DSR13/04/2007
30.11.1969American Road Race of Champions - Class: CP13/04/2007
26.10.1969AvD-Rundstreckenrennen Zolder [GT 1300 cc & Touring 1600 cc]29/01/2006
5.10.1969SCCA National Riverside - Classes ASR+BSR24/09/2009
5.10.1969Coupes du Salon10/11/2015
4.10.1969STP Championship Oulton Park04/04/2015
28.9.1969SCCA National Virginia - Classes: ASR+BSR+AP+BP+AS17/11/2003
14.9.1969SCCA Regional Orange County - Classes: ASR+BSR+CSR13/08/2007
1.9.1969Guards Trophy Brands Hatch28/05/2005 (14/07/2013)
31.8.1969Zandvoort [S/FL]20/04/2009
31.8.1969Vila do Conde25/08/2019
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