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Year: 2018

DateRaceProgramme scans
11.11.20186 h Vallelunga
9.9.2018Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 2017

DateRaceProgramme scans
12.11.2017Vallelunga 6 Hours
24.9.2017Italian GT Vallelunga
24.9.2017Italian GT Vallelunga [GT Cup]

Year: 2016

DateRaceProgramme scans
13.11.2016Vallelunga 6 Hours
11.9.2016Italian GT Vallelunga
11.9.2016Italian GT Vallelunga [GT Cup]

Year: 2015

DateRaceProgramme scans
15.11.2015Vallelunga 6 Hours
13.9.2015Italian GT Championship Vallelunga - GT Cup
13.9.2015Italian GT Championship Vallelunga
3.5.2015Italian GT Championship Vallelunga
3.5.2015Italian GT Championship Vallelunga - GT Cup

Year: 2014

DateRaceProgramme scans
16.11.2014Vallelunga 6 Hours
13.9.2014Italian GT Championship Vallelunga

Year: 2013

DateRaceProgramme scans
17.11.2013Vallelunga 6 Hours
13.10.2013GTSprint Grand Finale
15.9.2013Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 2012

DateRaceProgramme scans
25.11.2012Vallelunga 6 Hours
7.10.2012GTSprint Vallelunga
6.5.2012Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 2011

DateRaceProgramme scans
20.11.2011Vallelunga 6 Hours
9.10.2011GTSprint Vallelunga
18.9.2011Italian GT Vallelunga
18.9.2011Italian GT Vallelunga [GT Cup]
17.4.2011Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 2010

DateRaceProgramme scans
21.11.2010Vallelunga 6 Hours
10.10.2010GTSprint Vallelunga
26.9.2010Italian GT Championship Vallelunga
26.9.2010Italian GT Cup Vallelunga
9.5.2010Italian GT Vallelunga I [Cup]
9.5.2010Italian GT Vallelunga I

Year: 2009

DateRaceProgramme scans
22.11.2009Vallelunga 6 Hours
31.5.2009Italian GT Championship Vallelunga
31.5.2009Italian GT Cup Vallelunga

Year: 2008

DateRaceProgramme scans
23.11.2008Vallelunga 6 Hours
19.10.2008Italian GT Championship Vallelunga
20.4.2008International GT Open Vallelunga

Year: 2007

DateRaceProgramme scans
18.11.2007Vallelunga 6 Hours
16.9.2007Italian GT Championship Vallelunga
22.4.2007GT Open Vallelunga

Year: 2006

DateRaceProgramme scans
19.11.2006Vallelunga 6 Hours
15.10.2006Italian GT Championship Vallelunga
28.5.2006Italian GT Championship Vallelunga

Year: 2005

DateRaceProgramme scans
13.11.2005Vallelunga 6 Hours
16.10.2005Italian GT Vallelunga
29.5.2005Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 2004

DateRaceProgramme scans
13.11.2004Vallelunga 6 Hours
19.9.2004Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 2003

DateRaceProgramme scans
9.11.2003Vallelunga 6 Hours
21.9.2003Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 2002

DateRaceProgramme scans
10.11.2002Vallelunga 6 Hours
26.5.2002Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 2001

DateRaceProgramme scans
11.11.2001Vallelunga 6 Hours
2.9.2001European Le Mans Series Vallelunga
3.6.2001Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 2000

DateRaceProgramme scans
12.11.2000Vallelunga 6 Hours
4.6.2000Italian GT Vallelunga
9.4.2000Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 1999

DateRaceProgramme scans
21.11.1999Vallelunga 6 Hours
10.7.19992 h Vallelunga
6.6.1999Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 1998

DateRaceProgramme scans
15.11.1998Vallelunga 6 Hours

Year: 1997

DateRaceProgramme scans
16.11.1997Vallelunga 6 Hours
28.9.1997Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 1996

DateRaceProgramme scans
17.11.1996Vallelunga 6 Hours
27.10.1996Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 1995

DateRaceProgramme scans
19.11.1995Vallelunga 6 Hours

Year: 1994

DateRaceProgramme scans
1994Vallelunga - Targa Tricolore
31.10.1994Vallelunga 6 Hours
25.9.1994Italian GT Vallelunga
10.7.1994Vallelunga 4 Hours
10.7.1994Italian GT Vallelunga
5.6.1994Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 1993

DateRaceProgramme scans
21.11.1993Vallelunga 6 Hours
16.5.1993Italian GT Vallelunga

Year: 1992

DateRaceProgramme scans
15.11.1992Vallelunga 6 Hours
24.5.1992Italian GT Vallelunga
29.3.1992Italian GT Championship Vallelunga

Year: 1991

DateRaceProgramme scans
17.11.1991Vallelunga 6 Hours
16.11.19912 h Vallelunga

Year: 1988

DateRaceProgramme scans
5.6.1988500 km Vallelunga

Year: 1985

DateRaceProgramme scans
21.4.1985500 km Vallelunga

Year: 1984

DateRaceProgramme scans
8.4.1984Vallelunga 500 Kilometres

Year: 1983

DateRaceProgramme scans
10.4.1983500 km Vallelunga

Year: 1982

DateRaceProgramme scans
1.11.1982Campionato Italiano Group 6 Vallelunga
13.4.1982500 km Vallelunga

Year: 1981

DateRaceProgramme scans
1.11.1981CI Gr.6 Vallelunga
1.11.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Vallelunga
18.10.1981Campionato Italiano Group 6 Vallelunga
18.10.1981Gr.5 Vallelunga
18.10.1981Gr.4 Vallelunga
31.5.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Vallelunga
13.4.1981500 km Vallelunga
22.3.1981CI Gr.6 Vallelunga
22.3.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Vallelunga
15.3.1981CI Gr.6 Vallelunga

Year: 1980

DateRaceProgramme scans
2.11.1980CI Gr.2/4/5 Vallelunga
2.11.1980CI Gr.6 Vallelunga
19.10.1980Gr.5 Vallelunga
19.10.1980Gr.4 Vallelunga
19.10.1980Gr.6 Vallelunga
7.9.1980Vallelunga 6 Hours
13.4.1980500 km Vallelunga
23.3.1980Gr.6 Vallelunga
17.2.1980Gr.3/4/5 Vallelunga

Year: 1979

DateRaceProgramme scans
4.11.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Vallelunga
4.11.1979CI Gr.6 Vallelunga
30.9.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Vallelunga
16.9.1979Vallelunga 6 Hours
1.5.1979Gr.5 Vallelunga
1.5.1979CI Gr.6 Vallelunga
1.4.1979500 km Vallelunga

Year: 1978

DateRaceProgramme scans
1978CI Gr.6 Vallelunga
1978CI Gr.6 Vallelunga
5.11.1978CI Gr.5 Vallelunga
5.11.1978CI Gr.4 Vallelunga
3.9.1978Vallelunga 6 Hours
14.5.1978400 km Vallelunga

Year: 1977

DateRaceProgramme scans
20.11.1977Gr.6/Gr.5 Vallelunga
6.11.1977Gr.6 Vallelunga
6.11.1977Gr.5/Gr.4 Vallelunga
23.10.1977CI Gr.5 Vallelunga
23.10.1977CI Gr.4 Vallelunga
23.10.1977Vallelunga 6 Hours
18.9.1977CI Gr.6 Vallelunga
2.6.1977400 km Vallelunga

Year: 1976

DateRaceProgramme scans
14.11.1976CI Gr.5 Vallelunga [1.3]
14.11.1976CI Gr.5 Vallelunga
19.9.1976CI Gr.6 Vallelunga [S+1.3]
19.9.1976CI Gr.6 Vallelunga [S1.3]
5.9.1976500 km Vallelunga
4.4.1976Vallelunga 6 Hours

Year: 1975

DateRaceProgramme scans
1975CI Gr.4 Vallelunga
26.10.1975Vallelunga [GT]
26.10.1975Vallelunga [Sports]
21.9.19752 h Vallelunga

Year: 1974

DateRaceProgramme scans
29.9.1974CI Gr.4 Vallelunga [T/GT+1.6]
29.9.1974CI Gr.4 Vallelunga [GT1.6]
19.5.1974Vallelunga 500 Kilometres
7.4.1974Nazional Vallelunga - Sports

Year: 1973

DateRaceProgramme scans
28.10.1973Vallelunga [S1.3]
28.10.1973Vallelunga [GT]
28.10.1973Vallelunga [S+1.3]
14.10.1973Vallelunga [S1.3]
14.10.1973Vallelunga [S+1.3]
30.9.1973Vallelunga [GT]
30.9.1973Vallelunga [S1.3]
16.9.1973Vallelunga [GT]
1.4.1973Vallelunga [S1.3]
25.3.1973Vallelunga 6 Hours

Year: 1972

DateRaceProgramme scans
18.6.1972GP della Republica
23.4.1972European 2-Litre Championship Vallelunga

Year: 1971

DateRaceProgramme scans
31.10.1971European 2-Litre Championship Vallelunga
2.6.1971Grand Prix Republica Vallelunga - Sports 5000 cc
2.6.1971Grand Prix Republica Vallelunga - Prototype 2000 cc
2.6.1971Grand Prix Republica Vallelunga - Sports & Prototype 1000 cc

Year: 1968

DateRaceProgramme scans
23.6.1968Coppa Gallenga Vallelunga
2.6.1968GP Repubblica Vallelunga

Year: 1967

DateRaceProgramme scans
14.10.1967Trofeo Ettore Bettoja Vallelunga [P2.0]
14.10.1967Trofeo Ettore Bettoja Vallelunga [P1.0]
14.10.1967Trofeo Ettore Bettoja Vallelunga [GT+1.3]
14.10.1967Trofeo Ettore Bettoja Vallelunga [GT1.3]

Year: 1966

DateRaceProgramme scans
4.9.1966Vallelunga [S1.3]
4.9.1966Vallelunga [S1.0]
4.9.1966Vallelunga [P1.0]
4.9.1966Vallelunga [S1.6]
4.9.1966Vallelunga [S+1.6/P2.0]
19.5.1966Coppa AGIP Vallelunga

Year: 1965

DateRaceProgramme scans
16.5.1965GP Roma Vallelunga [S2.0]
16.5.1965GP Roma Vallelunga [S1.1]

Year: 1964

DateRaceProgramme scans
4.11.1964Conchiglia Shell Vallelunga [GT1.3]
4.11.1964Conchiglia Shell Vallelunga [GT+1.3]
25.10.1964Coppa Settecolli [S2.0]
25.10.1964Coppa Settecolli [S1.0]
7.6.1964Campagnana Vallelunga [S2.0]
7.6.1964Campagnana Vallelunga [S1.0]

Year: 1963

DateRaceProgramme scans
23.6.1963Campagnana Vallelunga [S1.0]
23.6.1963Campagnana Vallelunga [S2.0]

Year: 1962

DateRaceProgramme scans
18.11.1962Vallelunga [GT2.5]
18.11.1962Vallelunga [S1.0]
18.11.1962Vallelunga [GT1.0]
18.11.1962Vallelunga [GT1.15]
21.6.1962Campagnana Vallelunga [S1.15]
21.6.1962Campagnana Vallelunga [S2.0]
25.4.1962Conchiglia Shell Vallelunga
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