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Year: 1957

12.5.1957GP SpaMaserati 200SAndré Wicky16th
30.5.19572 h Forez [S+1.5]66Maserati A6GCSAndré Wicky10th
9.6.1957GP des Frontières30Maserati A6GCSAndré Wicky4th

Year: 1958

18.5.1958GP Spa [GT2.0]34Fiat 8VWickyDNA
25.5.1958GP des Frontières8Lotus ElevenAndré WickyDNF
27.7.1958Trophée d'Auvergne66Triumph Froidevaux / WickyDNA

Year: 1959

17.5.1959GP des Frontières6Ferrari 500 TRCAndré Wicky8th
26.7.1959Trophée d'AuvergneFerrari André Wicky6th
23.8.1959GP MessinaAC André Wicky8th
12.9.1959Coppa Inter-Europa [GT+1.3]AC André Wicky7th

Year: 1960

22.5.19601000 km Nürburgring26Maserati 200SWicky / JennyEquipe LausannoiseDNF
26.6.196024 h Le Mans30AC AceGachnang / Wicky / GretenerEquipe LausannoiseNC
10.7.1960Trophée d'AuvergneMaserati 200SWicky / de Siebenthal6th
9.10.1960Coupes du Salon17AC André WickyEq. Lausanne6th

Year: 1961

28.5.19611000 km Nürburgring26Maserati 200SWicky / de SiebenthalEquipe LausannoiseDNF
11.6.196124 h Le Mans29AC AceWicky / BerneyEcurie LausannoiseDNF

Year: 1962

27.5.19621000 km Nürburgring77Maserati Tipo 60Wicky / HaberthurEquipe Lausanneoise des Coureurs an AutomobileDNS
27.5.19621000 km Nürburgring115Abarth-Simca 1300Wicky / JennyEquipe Lausanneoise des Coureurs an AutomobileDNA
15.7.1962Trophée d'Auvergne39Abarth-Simca 1300André WickyLausannoiseDNF

Year: 1963

25.8.1963Hill Climb Ollon-Villars26Lotus André WickyDNA

Year: 1964

5.7.196412 h Reims46Lotus ElanCollomb / WickyWicky Racing TeamDNF

Year: 1965

25.4.19651000 km Monza46Jaguar E-typeCaillet / WickyAndré WickyDNF
23.5.19651000 km Nürburgring34Alpine M64André WickyAndré WickyDNA
23.5.19651000 km Nürburgring50Jaguar E-typeCaillet / WickyA. Wicky Racing TeamDNS
29.8.1965Hill Climb Ollon-Villars43BRM P24André WickyA. Wicky Racing TeamDNA
5.9.1965500 km Nürburgring45Alpine A110André WickyAndre WickyDNA

Year: 1966

25.4.19661000 km Monza31Porsche 906Wicky / KnörrAndré Wicky12th
22.5.1966SM MonzaPorsche 906André WickyDNF
19.6.196624 h Le Mans10Bizzarrini P538Berney / WickyPrototipi BizzarriniDNF
19.6.1966Hockenheim [S+1.6/R+1.1]15Porsche 906André WickyWicky Racing TeramDNA
17.7.1966GP Mugello170Porsche 906André WickyDNS
7.8.1966DARM Nürburgring6Porsche 906André WickyAndré Wicky9th
14.8.1966GP Hockenheim28Porsche 906André WickyCharles Vögele6th
28.8.1966Hill Climb Sierre Montagna91Porsche 906André WickyAndré Wicky7th
9.10.1966Coupes du SalonPorsche 906André Wickyraced
16.10.19661000 km Paris43Porsche 906Hanrioud / Wicky2nd
23.10.1966Trofeo Montjuich67Porsche 906André Wicky2nd

Year: 1967

25.4.19671000 km Monza58Porsche 911 SWicky / HaberthurA. Wicky Racing Team17th
25.4.19671000 km MonzaPorsche 906André WickyDNA
14.5.1967Dijon [SP]42Porsche 906André Wicky1st
14.5.1967Targa FlorioPorsche 906André WickyDNA
28.5.1967GP Paris32Porsche 906André Wicky2nd
28.5.1967GP Paris [GT]Porsche 911 SAndré Wicky3rd
11.6.196724 h Le Mans60Porsche 911 SWicky / FarjonPhilippe FarjonDNF
25.6.196712 h Reims37Porsche 906Berney / Wicky5th
2.7.1967200 mile Norisring16Porsche 906André WickyAndre Wicky Racing Team6th
23.7.1967GP Madrid29Porsche 906André Wicky2nd
27.8.1967Hill Climb Ollon-Villars166Porsche 906André WickyWicky Racing TeamDNA
27.8.1967Hill Climb Ollon-Villars209Porsche 910André WickyWicky Racing Team10th
15.10.19671000 km Paris18Porsche 910Wicky / Fraissinet8th

Year: 1968

7.4.19686 h Barcelona5Porsche 910Hanrioud / WickyEscuderia Montjuic3rd
25.4.19681000 km Monza9Porsche 910Wicky / HanrioudWicky Racing Team6th
5.5.1968Dijon1Porsche 910André Wicky3rd
5.5.1968Targa Florio66Porsche 911 TWicky / MeierWicky Racing TeamDNA
14.7.1968National Magny-CoursPorsche 911André Wicky3rd
14.7.1968International Magny-Cours [GT]Porsche 911André Wicky1st
29.9.196824 h Le Mans45Porsche 910Wicky / HanrioudJean-Pierre HanrioudDNF
13.10.19681000 km Paris19Porsche 910Wicky / de Mortemart10th
20.10.1968GP de la Corniche121Porsche 910André Wicky2nd

Year: 1969

2.2.196924 h Daytona48Porsche 911 TWicky / GarantWicky Racing Team10th
22.3.196912 h Sebring52Porsche 911 TLarrousse / Wicky / SageWicky Racing Team12th
30.3.1969Le Mans Test43Porsche 911 TAndré WickyWicky Racing Team20th
13.4.19696 h Brands Hatch29Porsche 910Wicky / HanrioudWicky Racing TeamDNA
20.4.1969Coupes de Vitesse9Porsche 910In entry list onlyAndré Wicky3rd
25.4.19691000 km Monza44Porsche 910Wicky / KillyAndré Wicky Racing TeamDNS
8.6.1969Ronde Cévenole88Porsche 911 TWicky / BugnonDNA
15.6.196924 h Le Mans4Lola T70André WickyAndré Wicky Racing TeamDNA
15.6.196924 h Le Mans42Porsche 911 TWicky / BerneyWicky Racing TeamDNF
6.7.19696 h Vila Real14Porsche 910Wicky / CabralDNF
20.7.1969GP Mugello24Porsche 910Wicky / MeierEcurie des LionsDNF
20.7.1969GP Mugello83Porsche 910André WickyWicky Racing TeamDNA
26.9.1969Tour de France125Porsche 911 TWicky / ChenevièreDNF
26.9.1969Tour de France183Porsche 910In entry list onlyWicky Racing TeamDNF
5.10.196912 h BarcelonaPorsche 910André WickyDNA
12.10.19691000 km Paris21Porsche 910Wicky / Garant11th
19.10.1969GP de la CornichePorsche 910André WickyAndré Wicky3rd
26.10.19696 h Jarama23Porsche 910Wicky / Dutoit7th
21.12.1969LuandaPorsche 910André Wickyraced

Year: 1970

1.3.1970Spanish SCC Copa Alfil Jarama74Porsche 907André WickyWicky Racing Team5th
22.3.1970Jarama66Porsche 907André WickyWicky Racing TeamDNA
30.3.1970Nogaro192Porsche 910André WickyWicky Racing Team1st
25.4.19701000 km Monza53Porsche 907Wicky / CabralAndré Wicky Racing Team15th
17.5.19701000 km Spa58Porsche 911 SWicky / GarantWicky Racing TeamNC
24.5.1970GP Paris16Porsche 907André WickyWicky Racing Team6th
31.5.19701000 km Nürburgring29Porsche 907Wicky / CabralAndré Wicky Racing Team9th
14.6.197024 h Le Mans61Porsche 907Wicky / HanrioudWicky Racing TeamDNF
5.7.1970Euro 2L Hockenheim27Porsche 907André WickyWicky Racing Team6th
11.7.19706 h Watkins Glen70Porsche 911 TWicky / GarantSilvain Francois Garant18th
19.7.1970GP Mugello8Porsche 907André WickyWicky Racing TeamDNS
19.7.1970GP Mugello120Porsche 911 TGarant / WickyWicky Racing TeamDNF
6.9.1970500 km Nürburgring4Porsche 907André WickyA. Wicky Racing-TeamDNF
20.9.1970500 km SpaPorsche 910André WickyWicky Racing TeamDNS
27.9.1970Tour de France118Porsche 907André WickyWicky Racing TeamDNA
11.10.19701000 km Zeltweg8Porsche 907André WickyWicky Racing TeamDNA
18.10.19701000 km Paris19Porsche 907Wicky / RouveyranWicky Racing TeamDNF
8.11.1970GP de la Corniche2Porsche 907André WickyWicky Racing Team2nd

Year: 1971

18.4.1971Le Mans Test28Porsche 908/02Wicky / MeierAndré Wicky Racing Team10th
18.4.19713 h Le Mans28Porsche 908/02Wicky / Cohen-OlivarAndré Wicky Racing TeamDNF
25.4.19711000 km Monza21Porsche 908/02Wicky / Brambilla / MattliWicky Racing Team10th
9.5.1971Coupes de Vitesse12Porsche 908/02André WickyWicky Racing14th
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