Brands Hatch - List of Races

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Year: 2019

DateRaceProgramme scans
4.8.2019British GT Championship Brands Hatch
5.5.2019SRO Sprint Brands Hatch
5.5.2019GT4 Brands Hatch

Year: 2018

DateRaceProgramme scans
5.8.2018British GT Championship Brands Hatch
20.5.2018British LMP3 Brands Hatch
6.5.2018GT4 Brands Hatch
6.5.2018SRO Sprint Brands Hatch

Year: 2017

DateRaceProgramme scans
6.8.2017British GT Brands Hatch
21.5.2017British LMP3 Brands Hatch
7.5.2017GT4 Brands Hatch
7.5.2017SRO Sprint Brands Hatch

Year: 2016

DateRaceProgramme scans
8.5.2016SRO Sprint Brands Hatch
8.5.2016GT Sports Club Brands Hatch
17.4.2016Brands Hatch 2 Hours

Year: 2015

DateRaceProgramme scans
2.8.2015British GT Brands Hatch
10.5.2015Blancpain Sprint Series Brands Hatch

Year: 2014

DateRaceProgramme scans
31.8.2014British GT Championship Brands Hatch
18.5.2014Blancpain Sprint Series Brands Hatch

Year: 2013

DateRaceProgramme scans
11.8.2013British GT Championship Brands Hatch
28.7.2013Britcar GT Brands Hatch

Year: 2012

DateRaceProgramme scans
24.11.2012Britcar Brands Hatch
15.7.2012Britcar Endurance Championship Brands Hatch
15.7.2012International GT Open Brands Hatch
24.6.2012British GT Championship Brands Hatch
2.6.2012Britcar GT Championship Brands Hatch

Year: 2011

DateRaceProgramme scans
19.11.2011Britcar GT Brands Hatch
24.7.2011International GT Open Brands Hatch
19.6.2011British GT Brands Hatch

Year: 2010

DateRaceProgramme scans
13.11.2010Britcar GT Brands Hatch
26.9.2010British GT Brands Hatch
19.9.2010International GT Open Brands Hatch
13.3.2010Britcar GT Brands Hatch

Year: 2009

DateRaceProgramme scans
7.11.2009Britcar GT Brands Hatch
20.9.2009British GT Championship Brands Hatch

Year: 2008

DateRaceProgramme scans
15.11.2008Britcar Brands Hatch
13.7.2008British GT Championship Brands Hatch
14.6.2008Britcar Brands Hatch
3.5.2008Britcar Brands Hatch

Year: 2007

DateRaceProgramme scans
23.9.2007GT Open Brands Hatch
15.7.2007British GT Championship Brands Hatch

Year: 2006

DateRaceProgramme scans
27.8.2006British GT Championship Brands Hatch

Year: 2005

DateRaceProgramme scans
25.9.2005Brands Hatch GT 250
26.6.2005Belcar Brands Hatch

Year: 2004

DateRaceProgramme scans
3.10.2004British GT Championship Brands Hatch

Year: 2003

DateRaceProgramme scans
28.9.2003British GT Championship Brands Hatch

Year: 2002

DateRaceProgramme scans
1.4.2002British GT Championship Brands Hatch

Year: 2001

DateRaceProgramme scans
16.9.2001British GT Championship Brands Hatch
8.7.2001British GT Championship Brands Hatch

Year: 2000

DateRaceProgramme scans
4.6.2000British GT Championship Brands Hatch

Year: 1999

DateRaceProgramme scans
20.6.1999British GT Brands Hatch

Year: 1997

DateRaceProgramme scans
17.8.1997British GT Championship Brands Hatch
27.4.1997British GT Championship Brands Hatch

Year: 1996

DateRaceProgramme scans
8.9.1996Brands Hatch 4 Hours
26.5.1996British GT Championship Brands Hatch
8.4.1996Interserie Brands Hatch

Year: 1995

DateRaceProgramme scans
27.8.1995British GT Brands Hatch II
27.8.1995British GT Brands Hatch I

Year: 1994

DateRaceProgramme scans
17.7.1994British GT Championship Brands Hatch

Year: 1993

DateRaceProgramme scans
12.9.1993British GT Championship Brands Hatch

Year: 1992

DateRaceProgramme scans
26.7.1992Interserie Brands Hatch

Year: 1991

DateRaceProgramme scans
28.7.1991Interserie Brands Hatch

Year: 1990

DateRaceProgramme scans
22.7.1990Interserie Brands Hatch
16.4.1990BRDC C2 Championship Brands Hatch

Year: 1989

DateRaceProgramme scans
28.8.1989Thundersports Brands Hatch
23.7.1989World Sports Prototype Championship Brands Hatch
7.5.1989BRDC C2 Championship Brands Hatch
27.3.1989Thundersports Brands Hatch

Year: 1988

DateRaceProgramme scans
24.9.1988BRDC C2 Brands Hatch
29.8.1988Thundersports Brands Hatch
24.7.1988Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres
4.4.1988Thundersports Brands Hatch

Year: 1987

DateRaceProgramme scans
26.7.1987Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres
28.6.1987Thundersports Brands Hatch
20.4.1987Thundersports Brands Hatch

Year: 1986

DateRaceProgramme scans
14.9.1986Thundersports Brands Hatch
20.7.1986Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres
13.7.1986Thundersports Brands Hatch
26.5.1986Thundersports Brands Hatch
31.3.1986Thundersports Brands Hatch

Year: 1985

DateRaceProgramme scans
6.10.1985Thundersports Brands Hatch
22.9.1985Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres
28.7.1985Thundersports Brands Hatch
26.5.1985Thundersports Brands Hatch
8.4.1985Thundersports Brands Hatch

Year: 1984

DateRaceProgramme scans
27.8.1984Thundersports Brands Hatch
29.7.1984Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres
22.7.1984Thundersports Brands Hatch
28.5.1984Thundersports Brands Hatch
23.4.1984Thundersports Brands Hatch

Year: 1983

DateRaceProgramme scans
25.9.1983Thundersports Brands Hatch
18.9.1983Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres
30.5.1983Thundersports Brands Hatch
4.4.1983Thundersports Brands Hatch

Year: 1982

DateRaceProgramme scans
17.10.1982Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres
18.7.1982GP Great Britain

Year: 1981

DateRaceProgramme scans
27.9.1981Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres

Year: 1980

DateRaceProgramme scans
13.7.1980GP Great Britain
12.7.1980Procar BMW M1 Brands Hatch
27.4.1980500 km Brands Hatch
16.3.1980Brands Hatch 6 Hours

Year: 1979

DateRaceProgramme scans
5.8.1979Brands Hatch 6 Hours
29.4.1979Brands Hatch 500 Kilometres
15.4.1979Race of Champions

Year: 1978

DateRaceProgramme scans
16.7.1978GP Great Britain
12.3.1978500 km Brands Hatch

Year: 1977

DateRaceProgramme scans
25.9.1977Brands Hatch 6 Hours
20.3.1977Race of Champions

Year: 1976

DateRaceProgramme scans
12.9.1976RAC Brands Hatch
18.7.1976GP Great Britain
16.5.1976AMOC Brands Hatch
14.3.1976Race of Champions

Year: 1975

DateRaceProgramme scans
22.6.1975European 2-Litre Championship Brands Hatch
16.3.1975Race of Champions

Year: 1974

DateRaceProgramme scans
29.9.1974Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres
29.9.1974Brands Hatch
20.7.1974GP Great Britain
17.3.1974Race of Champions

Year: 1973

DateRaceProgramme scans
20.5.1973MN GT Brands Hatch
17.3.1973Race of Champions

Year: 1972

DateRaceProgramme scans
22.10.1972John Player Challenge Trophy
3.9.1972MN GT Brands Hatch
30.8.1972MN GT Brands Hatch
28.8.1972Rothmans 50.000
15.7.1972GP Great Britain
16.4.1972Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres
19.3.1972Race of Champions

Year: 1971

DateRaceProgramme scans
24.10.1971Victory Race
5.9.1971MN GT Brands Hatch
30.8.1971RAC Sports Car Championship Brands Hatch
1.8.1971MN GT Brands Hatch
4.4.1971Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres
21.3.1971Race of Champions

Year: 1970

DateRaceProgramme scans
29.11.1970SKF GT Brands Hatch
27.9.1970Brands Hatch
6.9.1970MN GT Brands Hatch
31.8.1970RAC Brands Hatch
19.7.1970GP Great Britain
5.7.1970SKF GT Brands Hatch
7.6.1970SKF GT Brands Hatch
12.4.1970Brands Hatch 1000 Kilometres
30.3.1970SKF GT Brands Hatch
22.3.1970Race of Champions

Year: 1969

DateRaceProgramme scans
28.9.1969STP Brands Hatch
13.9.1969STP Brands Hatch
9.9.1969STP Brands Hatch
1.9.1969Guards Trophy Brands Hatch
22.6.19696 h Brands Hatch
21.6.19692 h Brands Hatch [Div.1]
25.5.1969STP Brands Hatch
18.5.1969MN GT Brands Hatch
11.5.1969MN GT Brands Hatch
13.4.1969Brands Hatch 6 Hours

Year: 1968

DateRaceProgramme scans
2.9.1968Guards International Trophy Brands Hatch
2.6.1968Brands Hatch [PS2.0]
2.6.1968Brands Hatch [Special GT+1.15]
2.6.1968Brands Hatch [PS+2.0]
2.6.1968Brands Hatch [Special GT1.15]
19.5.1968Brands Hatch [S+2.0]
7.4.1968Brands Hatch 6 Hours
4.3.1968Brands Hatch [Special GT]

Year: 1967

DateRaceProgramme scans
26.12.1967Brands Hatch [S+2.0]
26.12.1967Guards SCC Brands Hatch
26.12.1967Brands Hatch [S2.0]
12.10.1967Brands Hatch
28.8.1967Brands Hatch - Evening News International Trophy
7.8.1967Brands Hatch [GT]
6.8.1967Brands Hatch [Special GT]
30.7.1967Brands Hatch 6 Hours
2.7.1967Brands Hatch [Marque+GT]
2.7.1967MN GT Brands Hatch
10.6.1967MN GT Brands Hatch
4.6.1967Brands Hatch [Special GT]
28.5.1967MN GT Brands Hatch
15.5.1967Brands Hatch [GT]
30.4.1967Guards Trophy Brands Hatch
30.4.1967Brands Hatch [Clubman]
16.4.1967MN GT Brands Hatch
22.1.1967Brands Hatch

Year: 1966

DateRaceProgramme scans
27.12.1966British Eagle Trophy Brands Hatch
27.11.1966Brands Hatch [Sports]
2.10.1966Guards Trophy Brands Hatch [S+2.5/GT+2.5]
2.10.1966Guards Trophy Brands Hatch [GT1.6]
29.8.1966Eagle Trophy Brands Hatch
29.8.1966Guards Trophy Brands Hatch
16.7.1966British Eagles Trophy Brands Hatch
19.6.1966Brands Hatch
8.5.1966Brands Hatch 500 Miles
24.4.1966Brands Hatch [Clubman]
24.4.1966Brands Hatch [Marque]
24.4.1966Brands Hatch [Handicap]
24.4.1966Brands Hatch [GT]
11.4.1966Brands Hatch
1.4.1966Brands Hatch
20.3.1966Brands Hatch [Sports]
6.3.1966Brands Hatch [Sports]

Year: 1965

DateRaceProgramme scans
26.12.1965Boxing Day Brands Hatch
3.10.1965Guards SCC Brands Hatch
12.9.1965Brands Hatch [Clubman]
12.9.1965Brands Hatch [Marque]
12.9.1965Brands Hatch [GT]
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