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World Sportscar Championship

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Season: 1953 (F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
18.3.1953Sebring 12 Hours
226.4.1953Mille Miglia
314.6.1953Le Mans 24 Hours
426.7.1953Spa 24 Hours
530.8.1953Nürburgring 1000 Kilometres
65.9.1953Tourist Trophy
723.11.1953Carrera Panamericana

Season: 1954 (F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
124.1.19541000 km Buenos Aires
27.3.1954Sebring 12 Hours
32.5.1954Mille Miglia
413.6.1954Le Mans 24 Hours
511.9.1954Tourist Trophy
623.11.1954Carrera Panamericana

Season: 1955 (F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
123.1.19551000 km Buenos Aires
213.3.1955Sebring 12 Hours
31.5.1955Mille Miglia
412.6.1955Le Mans 24 Hours
518.9.1955Tourist Trophy
616.10.1955Targa Florio

Season: 1956 (F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
129.1.19561000 km Buenos Aires
224.3.1956Sebring 12 Hours
329.4.1956Mille Miglia
427.5.1956Nürburgring 1000 Kilometres
512.8.1956Sveriges Grand Prix

Season: 1957 (F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
120.1.19571000 km Buenos Aires
223.3.1957Sebring 12 Hours
312.5.1957Mille Miglia
426.5.1957Nürburgring 1000 Kilometres
523.6.1957Le Mans 24 Hours
611.8.1957GP Sverige
73.11.1957GP Venezuela

Season: 1958 (F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
126.1.1958Buenos Aires 1000 Kilometres
222.3.1958Sebring 12 Hours
311.5.1958Targa Florio
41.6.1958Nürburgring 1000 Kilometres
522.6.1958Le Mans 24 Hours
613.9.1958Tourist Trophy

Season: 1959 (F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
121.3.1959Sebring 12 Hours
224.5.1959Targa Florio
37.6.1959Nürburgring 1000 Kilometres
421.6.1959Le Mans 24 Hours
55.9.1959Tourist Trophy

Season: 1960 (F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
131.1.19601000 km Buenos Aires
226.3.1960Sebring 12 Hours
38.5.1960Targa Florio
422.5.1960Nürburgring 1000 Kilometres
526.6.1960Le Mans 24 Hours

Season: 1961 (F.I.A. World Sports Car Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
125.3.1961Sebring 12 Hours
230.4.1961Targa Florio
328.5.1961Nürburgring 1000 Kilometres
411.6.1961Le Mans 24 Hours
515.8.1961Grand Prix Pescara

Season: 1962 (World Sportscar Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
111.2.1962Daytona 3 Hours
223.3.1962Sebring 3 Hours
324.3.1962Sebring 12 Hours
41.5.1962Circuito del Garda
56.5.1962Targa Florio
613.5.1962GP Berlin
727.5.1962Nürburgring 1000 Kilometres
824.6.1962Le Mans 24 Hours
915.7.1962Trophée d'Auvergne
1015.8.1962Coppa Città di Enna
1118.8.1962Tourist Trophy
122.9.1962Nürburgring 500 Kilometres
1315.9.1962Bridgehampton 400 Kilometres - Grand Touring 2000 cc
1416.9.1962Bridgehampton 400 Kilometres
1521.10.1962Paris 1000 Kilometres

Season: 1963 (World Sportscar Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
117.2.1963Daytona 3 Hours
222.3.1963Sebring 3 Hours
323.3.1963Sebring 12 Hours
45.5.1963Targa Florio
512.5.1963500 km Spa
612.5.1963Circuito del Garda
719.5.1963Nürburgring 1000 Kilometres
82.6.1963Hill Climb Consuma
99.6.1963Rossfeld Hill Climb
1016.6.1963Le Mans 24 Hours
1129.6.1963GT GP Monza
127.7.1963Rallye Wiesbaden
137.7.1963Trophée d'Auvergne
1411.8.1963Hillclimb Schauinsland
1518.8.1963Coppa Città di Enna
1624.8.1963Tourist Trophy
181.9.1963Nürburgring 500 Kilometres
198.9.1963Coppa Inter-Europa - Grand Touring under 2000 cc
208.9.1963Coppa Inter-Europa - Grand Touring over 2000 cc
2122.9.1963Tour de France
2214.9.1963Bridgehampton 500 Kilometres - Grand Touring

Season: 1964 (World Sportscar Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
116.2.1964Daytona 2000 Kilometres
221.3.1964Sebring 12 Hours
326.4.1964Targa Florio
43.5.1964GT GP Monza
517.5.1964500 km Spa
624.5.1964Hill Climb Consuma
731.5.1964Nürburgring 1000 Kilometres
87.6.1964Rossfeld Hill Climb
922.6.1964Le Mans 24 Hours
105.7.1964Reims 12 Hours
119.8.1964Schauinsland Hill Climb
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